Take a Hike {Southern Vermont}

                          Lye Brooks Falls Trail in Manchester, VT

Southern Vermont is a very seasonal area full of resident transplants that rely heavily on tourism for their hiking and skiing seasons. The map below(curteousy of wikipedia) is a good frame of reference when I start talking about the various Southern Vermont towns that parallel route 11. We started out in Londonderry, drove through the little town of Peru(they really heart their pigs), explored Manchester, and stayed at a charming Inn in Dorset. This excerpt, however, will give you the skinny on some great hiking spots. Let's start our hike shall we?

1.) The highlight of our hiking adventures will be the Brooks Lye Falls Trail in Manchester, VT. It is a moderately challenging trail with a moderate incline. It is rocky with some open areas and drop offs. A breathtakingly beautiful hike 2.3 miles one-way. The end of the trail is the breathtaking waterfall. This was our favorite hike by far! I recommend a walking stick on this hike and even though the forestry says the blazes were sparse the trail is well tredded. 4/4 stars

                                   Little Rock Pond Trail in Mt. Tabor, VT

2.) Little Rock Pond Trail in Mt. Tabor, VT is a smooth hike that you can tailor to your hiking mood that day. It follows a stream to the pond and if you are a water lover like me this trail will really appeal to you! This is a 4-mile round trip hike (a loop trail). Once you get to the pond the trail breaks off into a loop. A.) You can make this trail about as long as you want by picking up the Green Mountain Trail, which is about 4.5 miles back to the trailhead compared to the direct Little Rock Pond Trail loop return of about 2 miles B.) You can take the AT/LT trail, which goes North(naturally) and turn around at any point. 4/4 Stars

Of course, my hiking hottie and me;-)


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