The Little Things:Trinkets by Dana {Earring Review & Giveaway}

                           "It's the little things that make you happy" ~ Dana

Trinkets by Dana boasts "little things" of course. Accessories, origami, prints, jewelry, and even random items(like buttons). Dana is the owner of Trinkets by Dana....shocking, eh? Her quote and tagline above makes things crystal clear. Indeed, she is right. I held up the little dangly earrings she sent me and smiled. It really is amazing how something so small can make you feel so happy:~) Sturdy, yet feminine in feel and appearance. The earrings remind me of Spring with flower petal accents embraced in primary pink and green colors. I put them on.
Let me make this clear. I love dangly earrings! Toddlers are still in my daily routine, but I dare wear them anyway. My children amazingly were not interested in pulling on them. They felt like air in my earlobes(they were really light). These are the type of earrings I would wear everyday due to comfort, style, and a splash of color. I will call these my Sunday earrings!

Trinkets by Dana is giving one lucky reader a chance to snag a pair of these lovely floral dandy's. That's right lovelies a giveaway is coming your way!*squeals of delight* While you are in waiting peruse her shop for smiles and trinkets:~) a Rafflecopter giveaway


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