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A few days ago(as you may recall) Hurricane Sandy descended upon our state of Virginia. We were far enough inland to be relatively safe, but we were still stuck indoors. By midday Monday the boys and I exhausted all our indoor play resources. Cars, forts, books, and I even desperately pulled out the classic claymation Frosty the Snowman DVD. Thank goodness our poor drenched mailman dropped off a package of natural scented dough from Luv Bubs. Eureka, I was saved!

The Luv Bubs dough was scented in holiday Eggnog and Orange Creamsicle! The boys were delighted as they sniffed and smashed the Luv Bubs dough. What I love about the play dough is it invigorated all five of your senses!*smiles* Okay I am joking on this one. My son enjoyed the Eggnog dough so much he actually tried to eat it. Not that I blame him. The Eggnog was my personal favorite too!

The Eggnog dough smelled so amazing that I wanted to run to the store through Hurricane Sandy for some Eggnog and joke! The texture of the dough is wonderful as well. My boys simply enjoyed taking the dough in and out of the small containers.....over and over and over again. Luv Bubs also includes two cookie cutters with each scented dough for $5.00!!! Stock up on some Luv Bubs for the holiday season and for a rainy(tropical stormy) day:)

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     Garden of Wooly Delights by 222 Handspun 

Who has gone into your local craft store looking for yarn only to find the usual run of the mill boring!! Running into 222 Handspun on Etsy was like a dream. Someone pinch me, because these yarns are too beautiful to exist. But alas they do!!!! 222 Handspun features hand dyed artisan yarn and spinning fibers. Simply gorgeous....take a minute and continue staring. It is okay you can be jealous of me. I got a chance to review and make something from the hand painted Wool Mohair blend yarn. Want to see what I made? You already got a sneak preview without even knowing it.;-)

                                Hand painted Wool Mohair Blend at 222 Handspun  

The hand painted Wool Mohair blend yarn from 222 Handspun is very feminine, warm, and cuddly soft. Not to mention the yarn colors, which they happen to be the star of the show!!! I took the wool and made an infinity scarf adding a large wooly flower. The wool flower really brings the feminine feel over the top! You better get to 222 Handspun fast, because I am going to buy them out of stock!;-)

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I am starting my celebration a teeny-bit early for my 500 followers celebration!!! I want this to be a huge fashionista giveaway extravaganza with bloggers and designers alike. This is going to be fun and fashionable for all! First, come on board and join our Group Facebook Page for Fashion Week 2012 with your host yours truly Spunky Real Deals;-) Co-hosting with me is Christie from Satisfaction through Christ.

Second, write a blogger/designer sign-up post! We need to get that hype simmering to a boiling point!

Third, hook up with a talented designer for the giveaway.  FROCK Los Angeles is the first designer in the line up. She has some truly amazing plunging-back lines on her dresses! Kim Marshall Couture has joined our list of couture designers. Kim's line includes ostrich feather evening wear that could make a grown woman cry with tears of joy*Squeals of excitement*

Let's not forget about accessorizing...shall we? Shadow Jewels Jewelry is about to rock your world vintage style! Textures, colors, all amazingly arranged by designer Rhonda!

Fourth, Grab the Fashion Week button for your blog!

Spunky Real Deal
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Honorable "Fashion Week" Mentions:
Photography done by Blaire at Second Ave Photography
Make up courtesy of  Jennifer Westberg at Luv PCNYC


Heather P.

Sometimes more than a picture is necessary. So I employed Mr. Slideshow.  PanaTica Designs boasts bold and beautiful bohemian jewelry. My Amber Candy boho bracelet made me feel like I was strolling through New York on a blazing summer's day or better yet skipping along a beach in Jamaica! This is your perfect "poppin'" accessory for the club or out to lunch with the girls. This bracelet is made out of sari silk yarn...I swear I feel like a Queen in mine;-) The thing I like the best about Amelia's designs is the magnetic closure on her bracelets. There is no need to try and squeeze this over your wrist, just snap on and go...pure designer genius!

                                                 PanaTica Original~Caribbean Carnival

*Note that Pana Tica sent me the bracelet above for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own. Sunglasses are featured in the video!

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Oh yes, I am going there...a honey do review! My husband called me the live in maid the other day so we are square:) Back to point: Hedoe Paper sent me a monogrammed notepad just in the nick of time! I started writing my grocery lists on important documents like our voter registration cards or tax filing documents...oops! Hedoe paper has some truly adorable notepads, cards, and invitations!! I love the monogrammed notepad! You can feel the quality of this Kraft paper. It is right up my alley with a natural look and feel. The monogram design is professional and classic looking, but still girly with a hint of pink!

Put down that smartphone and pick up a pen! 
                                          Modern Hedgehog Personalized Family Notepad

Even is an era riddled with technology people still want that personal touch. There is nothing more personal than a hand written note. I hope you all saw the note I left you;-)  I love receiving hand written notes and I love writing them too. Hedoe Paper notepads are great for small businesses, the SAHM, and all families alike. Did I mention the big jolly guy yet? Well, these notepads are perfect stocking stuffers!

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I am as jolly as Old St. Nick himself to bring you A Crafter's Dream Christmas Giveaway! This giveaway is hosted by My Merry Messy Life, Earning-My-Cape and Tutus & Tea Parties and has a Christmas, crafting, and supporting small business theme! Each blogger is offering her/his own giveaway worth $25 or more going on now through Sunday, November 4, 2012. My giveaway at Spunky Real Deals will have two winners chosen at random.

Before you know it you will be at Walmart on Christmas Eve scrounging for last minute Christmas gifts! So why don't you start your Christmas shopping right now? Enter some giveaways and if you really like something go buy it! Tis' the season and remember you are also supporting wonderful small businesses(that alone should make you feel all tingly inside) :~) Speaking of Christmas presents I already know what I am getting everyone for Christmas....Jealous? Well don't be! I am going to share my secrets with you.


The ladies in my family are getting natural artisan bath & body goodies from Bumble Bee Studio! They have a thick & creamy lavender body butter that I myself have purchased more than once! Floral and Lavender bath mother-in-laws fave! The Bumble Bee Studio also has an amazing lavender lotion bar that is just perfect for winter! Therapeutic with lavender and oh so soothing for dry, cracked skin. You will love this, your family will love this, and your skin will too!;-)

                                                                                                           GIVEAWAY #2 MEN
The men in my family are constantly requesting more Man Cave Soapworks! They usually say, "You know that man soap", but I know what they mean. The scents are masculine and very lingeringly pleasant. I love these soaps and honestly they are my favorite soaps for me(forget the hubby)! My favorite scents are the classic Bay Rum and Orange County. Soaps are a great stocking stuffer and the boys usually need a little help in this help them out;-) Man Cave Soapworks also has some great shaving gift sets! They come with a classic boar bristle brush. My father raves about the set I got him for his birthday!

Now dash away, dash away, Giveaway Go!

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My son is going to be a lumberjack for Halloween, but I needed a axe.  Calm down everyone! It is a plush axe from Freaky Fleece:) I could not have him running around with the real thing! That would be a trip to the emergency room in the making...for someone. Anyway, lucky for me Freaky Fleece carries plush weaponry!
If you have little boys you need to visit Freaky Fleece! They have plush swords, shields, and crazy mustache pillows too(my personal fave). Your little boys can whack each other until the cows come home and no one bleeds.....perfect!:-) Please enjoy the still life footage of my son toting and chopping with his plush axe!

One more Freaky Fleece Xmas suggestion for you all.......
                                          Bacon and Egg Ornaments...freaking awesome!

Enough fleecing about a lumberjack worthy Freaky Fleece giveaway!?!?
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Behold a place where your skin can leave "Father Time" in the dust. Welcome to Una Biologicals! Una Biologicals is nature's paradise for your skin! No harsh chemicals, only natural goodness! Jessica is the tried and true Pittsburgher and owner of this natural powerhouse! She gave me a few of her natural beauty's to take for a test drive.

Save Face
This segment is exactly the way it sounds. You only get one money maker so you better take good care of it! Two words "Luxe Cream". Good Lord above*waving my hands like a Preacher man* this is good stuff. My skin is as dry as a bone during this time of the year. I use three different moisturizers and I still end up with little dry patches everywhere.....until today. Una Biologicals Luxe Cream left my face as smooth as a baby's bottom all day long. No dry patches in sight. Another Luxe highlight is the texture. Thick and creamy.You only need a tiny bit and that is where the money savings happen!! Do not take my word for it though...get your own jar;-)

Perty Pucker
Summer is clearly over, but you may want to make an exception for Una Biological's Summer Citrus lip balm! Light and citrusy. I keep looking at the ingredients trying to figure out what natural goody is making my looks so darn smooth. I love this balm and a definite for the long winter days ahead.

Natural Arsenal in your Medicine Cabinet
If you could have one thing in your medicine cabinet for everyday childhood "boo boos" I think Una Biological's Wonder Salve would be it! A power packed balm with all of nature's most proven healers into one little stick. Use for cuts, burns, and even baby's bottom! I love all purpose "nature's medicine" and this is it!

Listen up my natural hippy mama's! A good old fashioned giveaway is strolling through nature's forest and directly to you;-)

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Halloween decor can be way tacky! For example, stuffing leaves into a garbage bag that looks like a pumpkin. A garbage bag is a garbage bag period. I wanted simple, tasteful, and realistic. I have a creepy old house and I just needed some decor to enhance that creepy vibe. That is where Spooky Prints comes in! A slice of old photography laced with a twisted mind(sorry Leah). Disembodied heads, creepy faceless children, glowing name it Spooky Prints is printing it;-)

 My foyer became transformed with a little black ribbon, clothes pins, and enhanced photography from Spooky Prints. My banister is alive with evil it!

Okay my eager little gals and ghouls...who is ready for a Spooky photography giveaway!?!?
*Note: I thought the giveaway prints were 8x10 they are more like 4x6, but they look bigger to me....your guess is as good as mine;-) Sorry for any confusion.
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Where do you take your family for portraits? Please do not say Sears! You are going to have these family photos for generations to come and you went to the mall....bah! If you live in the Northern Virginia area it is your lucky photographic day! Blaire is the "rose colored lens" photographer behind Second Ave Photography in NoVA!! I am so pleased to share her talent with you. Her prices are supremely affordable! As for Blaire's photography, I will simply let the beauty of her photographs speak for themselves.

{The Photo Shoot}
You would never know it by looking at these gleaming photos, but my boys were a wreck. They needed sleep and were in no mood for smiles. The most unphotogenic of the two boys was also the most cooperative, go figure! Blaire handled the situation with a calm reassurance that made the session a very pleasurable experience for everyone!


What do Grandparents want...

November Mini Sessions with Blaire 
       Second Ave Photography
$25 for a 20 minute session that includes 5 images. *Refer a friend and receive a FREE 8x10 upon paid completion of you buddy's session. 

E-mail Blaire at secondavephotography{at}gmail{dot}com to reserve your spot today!

A picture perfect side note:
If you are simply looking for stunning photography for your bungalow visit Second Ave Photography on Etsy!
*10% off your order with discount code NEW10SHOP

A giveaway, giveaway, who wants a picture perfect NoVA giveaway? Coming right up kiddos;-)

This Giveaway is for those living in the NORTHERN VA AREA or who want to drive to Leesburg, VA for the photo session! Thanks loves;-)

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   Non pareils Sprinkles Candy Soap

Alright, the Zombie's really got me this time!;-) Candy in soap? Crazy right! Well it is really not as crazy as you think. For instance, sugar scrubs are main stream exfoliating body goodies. There is a reason for this! Sugar is a natural exfoliator. Unlike salt, sugar draws the moisture back into your skin. These candy soaps are experimentation's from years ago. Bubblegum, sprinkles, candy corn  you name the sugary sweetness and I attempted to soap-ify it!

At the tippy top lies the non pareils sprinkles soap. These sprinkles make a fantastic exfoliate! I use Shea butter that is pre-packaged at the mass market craft stores. You can also buy non pareils sprinkles (the brightly colored crunchy balls) at the craft store too! Use whatever mold you have available at your house. Flexible silicon and standard cupcake sheets work great. Try vanilla or an almond scent to match the candy-esque theme. The colors will start to run with use, but look how amazing these turn out!
    Caramel Apple Hand Soap

This soap smells just like a caramel apple! A fantastic hand soap. Again, I used pre-packaged Shea butter soap. I also used caramels, a touch of cinnamon, nutmeg, apple soap scent, and some green soap dye. The caramel starts to congeal fast. While it is hot give the soap mixture and caramel a quick mix. Then pour quickly into your molds. I chopped up the soap in little pieces for easy hand washing. There you have it! Have fun and do not fear the candy soap...use it;-)

Martha Stewart and other's with her marketing genius would like you to think you need to shell out hundreds of dollars to get your home Halloween ready! That is just not so. A sprinkle of creativity and a dash of resourcefulness could have your home tastefully decorated for about $20! I know what you are thinking...Zombie's have eaten my brains so I am not thinking clearly, right? Wrong! I spent $6.00 on yarn at Michael's for two different colors of green yarn to make my yarn snakes. They look amazing just sitting in a basket and they are going to double as my Medusa costume on Hallow's Eve! One of my little yarn snakes escaped onto my wreath.
I made the yarn snake and sell them at Yarn Interpretations on Etsy *wink wink* The ribbon was lying around with some glitter, a hot glue gun, and boom.....$0.00! I had all the items necessary to put my wreath together. It looks scary, yet rustic. Fits my home to a "T"! I scoured Etsy to find some additional inspiration for my dining room. I am gaga for banner's and found a popular tagline for this Halloween.

"Eat, Drink, and Be Scary". Super cute saying. I had orange and purple construction paper, paint, glitter, and a rustic twine too! $0.00 to make my dining room banner. You probably cannot see it, but I knotted the rope to divide the words. I then used a black permanent marker to make them look like little bats! There is also a skeleton dangling from the very end! I used those organ-less fellows on my chandelier too...creepy!

My scary skeletons came from Rebecca at Comfort and Joys Gifts. Her shop has some adorable, yet affordable decor options. Cost for the skeletons ran me $10.00 including shipping. So there you have it! Proof that you can decorate without breaking the bank!

Stay tuned! I have some thrifty Halloween party tips as well as money saving ideas for the big Halloween Costume! ;-)

Star Burst Jewelry has me giddy with 70-esque throwback jewelry! It is really the wing charms that fly me back to a different Era. Zengsha is the owner of Star Burst Jewels with roots basking in the Sunshine State! Her jewelry is a mix of bohemian chic and beach babe earthy tones. Follow me on my throwback journey:)
The necklace looks lovely hanging in midair, but put it on silly;-) I am a young Farrah Fawcett at heart(minus the blonde, of course) and that is how the Zengsha wing collection makes me feel! 70-esque throwback beauty! Timeless.

                                           FEATURE Star Burst Jewels that I LOVE!!!
                                             Honey Brown Wraplet with distressed leather

Ready for a wing-flapping, lava lamp worthy giveaway? You bet your peace-loving hippy hearts you are! a Rafflecopter giveaway

     Bye Bye Birdie

How about a Garden Gnome for your yard? Too cliche you say? Well, how about a Zombie Gnome instead?!!! Chris and Jane's Place on Etsy boasts some A-typical Garden Gnomes for your humble abode. The zombie obsessed person that I am could not pass up these little flesh eaters even if I tried!;-) Originally, I thought the Zombie Gnomes were Halloween only creations. Upon further review, however, I see Chris and Jane's Zombie Gnome collection really has something to offer for every season.


Look, I found Zombie Gnomes in love! Isn't love grand? The perfect Zombie Gnome for Valentines Day! I know I am sick right, but this play on the "traditional Garden Gnome" is the coolest thing I have ever seen!! The Zombie Gnome colors are vivid and steal your attention from afar. These dark garden sculptures are only a few inches high, but then the light hits them.
                                               Patient ZERO.5

My Patient Zero.5  Zombie Gnome caught my attention from inside the house! I really thought it was running through the ivy! I had to go outside and stare at it again. The level of Gorey details is amazing! I think they should be charging more! You better buy some Zombie Gnomes at Chris and Jane's Place before only the rich and famous can afford them;-)

Ready for a Zombified Gnome-tastical Giveaway? You bet your flesh eating heart you are!:~)
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   Tempo by Ana Pontes

There is something so utterly beautiful about "capturing a moment". Still life is my personal favorite whether the media be photography or a painting. Ana Pontes Photography has the most impressive still life photos! They literally stopped me in my tracks. Pocket Watches and heart-shaped lockets suspended in the air! The photos beckoned to me. They represent something more.

                                Key to your heart by Ana Pontes

These photos appear to be a play on life. The pocket watch displays "Time" being suspended in space(literally and figuratively). Capturing a moment in time:) The same goes for the locket really. What do we keep inside lockets? Usually, it is pictures of loved ones. A heart-shaped locket suspended in the air represents "love". Pure and simple the locket is a way to contain and carry our love physically with us. Ana Pontes and her photography capture those feelings so poignantly for me. Ana generously sent a pocket watch and locket print for me to frame as my very own. My photos from Ana led me to an antique-filled adventure!

I found some rustically chic frames that suited both prints perfectly for under $10 a piece at my favorite antique stores. While cropping my photos and placing them into frames I really got a chance to study my photographs. The locket and pocket watch is in perfect focus with the scenery softly fading into the background. Her work is truly mesmerizing! I found myself pleasantly lulling myself to sleep with a pocket watch sweeping blades of grass.

No snoozing yet! A mesmerizing still life Ana Pontes Photography giveaway may be lingering one snap-shot away;-)

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