Ana Pontes Photography:Time and a Locket{Review & Giveaway}

   Tempo by Ana Pontes

There is something so utterly beautiful about "capturing a moment". Still life is my personal favorite whether the media be photography or a painting. Ana Pontes Photography has the most impressive still life photos! They literally stopped me in my tracks. Pocket Watches and heart-shaped lockets suspended in the air! The photos beckoned to me. They represent something more.

                                Key to your heart by Ana Pontes

These photos appear to be a play on life. The pocket watch displays "Time" being suspended in space(literally and figuratively). Capturing a moment in time:) The same goes for the locket really. What do we keep inside lockets? Usually, it is pictures of loved ones. A heart-shaped locket suspended in the air represents "love". Pure and simple the locket is a way to contain and carry our love physically with us. Ana Pontes and her photography capture those feelings so poignantly for me. Ana generously sent a pocket watch and locket print for me to frame as my very own. My photos from Ana led me to an antique-filled adventure!

I found some rustically chic frames that suited both prints perfectly for under $10 a piece at my favorite antique stores. While cropping my photos and placing them into frames I really got a chance to study my photographs. The locket and pocket watch is in perfect focus with the scenery softly fading into the background. Her work is truly mesmerizing! I found myself pleasantly lulling myself to sleep with a pocket watch sweeping blades of grass.

No snoozing yet! A mesmerizing still life Ana Pontes Photography giveaway may be lingering one snap-shot away;-)

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