Attack of the Zombie Gnomes {Review & Giveaway}

     Bye Bye Birdie

How about a Garden Gnome for your yard? Too cliche you say? Well, how about a Zombie Gnome instead?!!! Chris and Jane's Place on Etsy boasts some A-typical Garden Gnomes for your humble abode. The zombie obsessed person that I am could not pass up these little flesh eaters even if I tried!;-) Originally, I thought the Zombie Gnomes were Halloween only creations. Upon further review, however, I see Chris and Jane's Zombie Gnome collection really has something to offer for every season.


Look, I found Zombie Gnomes in love! Isn't love grand? The perfect Zombie Gnome for Valentines Day! I know I am sick right, but this play on the "traditional Garden Gnome" is the coolest thing I have ever seen!! The Zombie Gnome colors are vivid and steal your attention from afar. These dark garden sculptures are only a few inches high, but then the light hits them.
                                               Patient ZERO.5

My Patient Zero.5  Zombie Gnome caught my attention from inside the house! I really thought it was running through the ivy! I had to go outside and stare at it again. The level of Gorey details is amazing! I think they should be charging more! You better buy some Zombie Gnomes at Chris and Jane's Place before only the rich and famous can afford them;-)

Ready for a Zombified Gnome-tastical Giveaway? You bet your flesh eating heart you are!:~)
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  1. Love this little guy!

  2. Awesome! My coworker loves Halloween & gnomes so she found these little guys a few months ago. She bought the one with the flamingo & it's now out for Halloween. It reminds me of Gnomeo & Juliette lol I think it's because of the flamingo though. I hope you have a great Monday. Please stop by to say hi if you get a moment?



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