Halloween Done Simply {Decor}

Martha Stewart and other's with her marketing genius would like you to think you need to shell out hundreds of dollars to get your home Halloween ready! That is just not so. A sprinkle of creativity and a dash of resourcefulness could have your home tastefully decorated for about $20! I know what you are thinking...Zombie's have eaten my brains so I am not thinking clearly, right? Wrong! I spent $6.00 on yarn at Michael's for two different colors of green yarn to make my yarn snakes. They look amazing just sitting in a basket and they are going to double as my Medusa costume on Hallow's Eve! One of my little yarn snakes escaped onto my wreath.
I made the yarn snake and sell them at Yarn Interpretations on Etsy *wink wink* The ribbon was lying around with some glitter, a hot glue gun, and boom.....$0.00! I had all the items necessary to put my wreath together. It looks scary, yet rustic. Fits my home to a "T"! I scoured Etsy to find some additional inspiration for my dining room. I am gaga for banner's and found a popular tagline for this Halloween.

"Eat, Drink, and Be Scary". Super cute saying. I had orange and purple construction paper, paint, glitter, and a rustic twine too! $0.00 to make my dining room banner. You probably cannot see it, but I knotted the rope to divide the words. I then used a black permanent marker to make them look like little bats! There is also a skeleton dangling from the very end! I used those organ-less fellows on my chandelier too...creepy!

My scary skeletons came from Rebecca at Comfort and Joys Gifts. Her shop has some adorable, yet affordable decor options. Cost for the skeletons ran me $10.00 including shipping. So there you have it! Proof that you can decorate without breaking the bank!

Stay tuned! I have some thrifty Halloween party tips as well as money saving ideas for the big Halloween Costume! ;-)


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