Hedoe Paper {honey do Review & Giveaway}

Oh yes, I am going there...a honey do review! My husband called me the live in maid the other day so we are square:) Back to point: Hedoe Paper sent me a monogrammed notepad just in the nick of time! I started writing my grocery lists on important documents like our voter registration cards or tax filing documents...oops! Hedoe paper has some truly adorable notepads, cards, and invitations!! I love the monogrammed notepad! You can feel the quality of this Kraft paper. It is right up my alley with a natural look and feel. The monogram design is professional and classic looking, but still girly with a hint of pink!

Put down that smartphone and pick up a pen! 
                                          Modern Hedgehog Personalized Family Notepad

Even is an era riddled with technology people still want that personal touch. There is nothing more personal than a hand written note. I hope you all saw the note I left you;-)  I love receiving hand written notes and I love writing them too. Hedoe Paper notepads are great for small businesses, the SAHM, and all families alike. Did I mention the big jolly guy yet? Well, these notepads are perfect stocking stuffers!

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