Love Bubs Natural Scented Dough {Review & Giveaway}

A few days ago(as you may recall) Hurricane Sandy descended upon our state of Virginia. We were far enough inland to be relatively safe, but we were still stuck indoors. By midday Monday the boys and I exhausted all our indoor play resources. Cars, forts, books, and I even desperately pulled out the classic claymation Frosty the Snowman DVD. Thank goodness our poor drenched mailman dropped off a package of natural scented dough from Luv Bubs. Eureka, I was saved!

The Luv Bubs dough was scented in holiday Eggnog and Orange Creamsicle! The boys were delighted as they sniffed and smashed the Luv Bubs dough. What I love about the play dough is it invigorated all five of your senses!*smiles* Okay I am joking on this one. My son enjoyed the Eggnog dough so much he actually tried to eat it. Not that I blame him. The Eggnog was my personal favorite too!

The Eggnog dough smelled so amazing that I wanted to run to the store through Hurricane Sandy for some Eggnog and joke! The texture of the dough is wonderful as well. My boys simply enjoyed taking the dough in and out of the small containers.....over and over and over again. Luv Bubs also includes two cookie cutters with each scented dough for $5.00!!! Stock up on some Luv Bubs for the holiday season and for a rainy(tropical stormy) day:)

Who is ready for a sniffy-worthy doughy giveaway?;-) a Rafflecopter giveaway


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