Spooky Prints {Review & Giveaway}

Halloween decor can be way tacky! For example, stuffing leaves into a garbage bag that looks like a pumpkin. A garbage bag is a garbage bag period. I wanted simple, tasteful, and realistic. I have a creepy old house and I just needed some decor to enhance that creepy vibe. That is where Spooky Prints comes in! A slice of old photography laced with a twisted mind(sorry Leah). Disembodied heads, creepy faceless children, glowing eyes...you name it Spooky Prints is printing it;-)

 My foyer became transformed with a little black ribbon, clothes pins, and enhanced photography from Spooky Prints. My banister is alive with evil spirits....love it!

Okay my eager little gals and ghouls...who is ready for a Spooky photography giveaway!?!?
*Note: I thought the giveaway prints were 8x10 they are more like 4x6, but they look bigger to me....your guess is as good as mine;-) Sorry for any confusion.
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