Trick or Candy Soap? {DIY}

   Non pareils Sprinkles Candy Soap

Alright, the Zombie's really got me this time!;-) Candy in soap? Crazy right! Well it is really not as crazy as you think. For instance, sugar scrubs are main stream exfoliating body goodies. There is a reason for this! Sugar is a natural exfoliator. Unlike salt, sugar draws the moisture back into your skin. These candy soaps are experimentation's from years ago. Bubblegum, sprinkles, candy corn  you name the sugary sweetness and I attempted to soap-ify it!

At the tippy top lies the non pareils sprinkles soap. These sprinkles make a fantastic exfoliate! I use Shea butter that is pre-packaged at the mass market craft stores. You can also buy non pareils sprinkles (the brightly colored crunchy balls) at the craft store too! Use whatever mold you have available at your house. Flexible silicon and standard cupcake sheets work great. Try vanilla or an almond scent to match the candy-esque theme. The colors will start to run with use, but look how amazing these turn out!
    Caramel Apple Hand Soap

This soap smells just like a caramel apple! A fantastic hand soap. Again, I used pre-packaged Shea butter soap. I also used caramels, a touch of cinnamon, nutmeg, apple soap scent, and some green soap dye. The caramel starts to congeal fast. While it is hot give the soap mixture and caramel a quick mix. Then pour quickly into your molds. I chopped up the soap in little pieces for easy hand washing. There you have it! Have fun and do not fear the candy soap...use it;-)


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