Una Biologicals {Beauty Review & Giveaway}

Behold a place where your skin can leave "Father Time" in the dust. Welcome to Una Biologicals! Una Biologicals is nature's paradise for your skin! No harsh chemicals, only natural goodness! Jessica is the tried and true Pittsburgher and owner of this natural powerhouse! She gave me a few of her natural beauty's to take for a test drive.

Save Face
This segment is exactly the way it sounds. You only get one money maker so you better take good care of it! Two words "Luxe Cream". Good Lord above*waving my hands like a Preacher man* this is good stuff. My skin is as dry as a bone during this time of the year. I use three different moisturizers and I still end up with little dry patches everywhere.....until today. Una Biologicals Luxe Cream left my face as smooth as a baby's bottom all day long. No dry patches in sight. Another Luxe highlight is the texture. Thick and creamy.You only need a tiny bit and that is where the money savings happen!! Do not take my word for it though...get your own jar;-)

Perty Pucker
Summer is clearly over, but you may want to make an exception for Una Biological's Summer Citrus lip balm! Light and citrusy. I keep looking at the ingredients trying to figure out what natural goody is making my looks so darn smooth. I love this balm and a definite for the long winter days ahead.

Natural Arsenal in your Medicine Cabinet
If you could have one thing in your medicine cabinet for everyday childhood "boo boos" I think Una Biological's Wonder Salve would be it! A power packed balm with all of nature's most proven healers into one little stick. Use for cuts, burns, and even baby's bottom! I love all purpose "nature's medicine" and this is it!

Listen up my natural hippy mama's! A good old fashioned giveaway is strolling through nature's forest and directly to you;-)

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