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We have arrived in a new Era of home decor: Rustic Chic! What is "Rustic Chic" you may ask? You take something old and add something new...Wallah, a Rustic Chic Decor sandwich! My approach to home decorating is slightly different from most. My technique is to spend as little as humanly possible. My big tip of the day: Use what you have and transform it! The rustic wreath you see pictured before you is a perfect example.

Wreaths are expensive and I have ONE. I decorate it differently for each holiday season! If you are going to splurge on something spend the extra dough on some nice ribbon. Some people have wine brokers and well I have a ribbon broker! Good ribbon will add the perfect holiday shine to any decor project you are working on:)  Okay....I am just going to say it: Has anyone started wrapping their Christmas presents? Please save the Boos and hisses!;-) I have a quick, adorable, and inexpensive way to wrap those holiday gifts this year....Rustic Style!!

My holiday shopping is a online bum-rush...just get'er done! All my Christmas gifts started coming from various locations and some were packed with Kraft paper....A-HA that is when I knew how I would wrap my holiday presents:) You can put anything on the Kraft paper that your little heart desires! My kids helped me slap some holiday colored paint on, stickers, stamps, glitter, the stretches of the imagination are your only limitations! I used some interesting holiday card stock for name tags and cozy yarn to tie it all together. The only thing I purchased was the rustic candy canes, but they are so freaking adorable...I could not resist! The last portion of this rustic rodeo is stockings hung by the chimney with care;-)

Many upcycled antique stores now boast vintage flour sack stockings for Christmas. I love them, but at $20 a pop I would rather stick my wet thumb in a light socket! My mother-in-law recently bought me a $10 flour sack at one of her favorite spots, but it was not strong enough to make pillow cases. So...I got the bright idea to make stockings!

This is how you do it, very primitive and easy.1.) Position a stocking on the flour sack and cut around it to get your pattern. 2.) Next, Stitch it up! You could use a sewing machine, but I cannot I just did some primitive hand stitching! I recommend using thick string or twine. You should also give yourself a thick border. If you are too close to the edge your stitches will not hold. 3.) At the top, I wove some pretty ribbon throughout the sack to tie to the banister. I did no additional cutting of the sack after creating the pattern. The flour sack will loosen up with some light tugging for the weaving portion. Presto, there you have it a Rustic Christmas! DIY can do it!

New York is one of the great fashion mecca's (arguably the greatest) in the United States! I have a dirty little secret. PcNYC **shhhh** A growing mineral make-up empire located in the Big Apple. Alright, now that I have spilled the beans be prepared for a mineral make-up takeover! 3-2-1....blam!

Most Notable Lip gloss
The first PcNYC product I tried was The Bubble Queen. I am very critical of my lip glosses. Bubble Queen get's an A+. A light tint of pink, bubble gum with a twist of peppermint scent, glossy, natural lip-soothing heaven!!! Alkanet root is used to color many of the lip products at PcNYC...including The Bubble Queen herself.

Check out this fun fact about Alkanet root at "...considered to be Lucky for the purposes of bringing Good Fortune in Business, Money Matters, and Games of Chance." In that case, I better get more Bubble Queen lip gloss pronto!;-) The next product I am going to beam about is a lotion?!

Cream of the Crop
The Laura Lemon Vanilla Cream. Named after Laura Levine who is the owner's friend and helped inspire this luxurious lotion:-) All I have to say is thank goodness for friends! The scent really is intoxicating: soothing and uplifting in the same note! No greasiness left behind, just smooth suppleness! Lotion Love...J'adore! Last, but certainly not least is a goddess I am quite fond of;-)

Goddess for the Lip & Cheek
Aphrodite you gorgeous thing! I love duel purpose make-up! Lightly-kissed pink for the cheeks and lips! PcNYC is mineral make-up suitable for all ages! Young and old alike will love the light classy mineral make-up that lingers, but does not hold you down.

{SURPRISE!!! There will be two winners!}

Who is ready for a street-chic sampling, mineral sexiness,  and always a New York style giveaway?!?
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*Please note that I received items for the purposes of this review. All opinions are solely mine. sunglasses are featured in this post.

BELIEVE. The child in me just melts at this magical word. Take a gander at this gorgeous rustic banner! Where can you get one of these beauties you ask? Green Jazz Face! Rustic banners handcrafted by the proud Texan Miss Kelly! Her rustically-chic banners are perfect for all festivities and occasions in your life. These banners are darn sturdy too! I moved mine about a hundred times until I was satisfied with the perfect location and position. This is the type of banner you will be using year after wonderful year:)

If you have visited my blog bungalow even a handful of times you might notice I like banners. This is true, I do! Banners are supremely festive!! Every holiday season should include a banner. Banners are not just for birthday celebrations anymore! Alright, off the soapbox:) Just see for yourself the diverse number of occasions a Green Jazz Face banner would be just perfect for:

Birthday Parties
Girls Night Out!
 Do you "Believe" a rustic Green Jazz Face Banner Giveaway is coming?

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Hello my little troubadours!  The holiday crush has been thrust upon on once again, but there is some good news in all this. No, not Black Friday.....AD Space! The lovely Lucinda from a.k.a. Chymecindy is your gracious Host!! An early Christmas present from us to you!  Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Maligayang Pasko, Hyvaa joulua, Kala christouyenna, and any other lanuguages I may have missed:)

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Making something that your children enjoy playing with is one of the most wonderful feelings! This is something Jessica Kuypers the fine Canadian owner of ellaNharry truly understands! ellaNharry are in the felt food making industry.....extension of the playtime department:) Silliness aside, I got a slice of stuffed pumpkin pie in the mail today! MMMMMmmmmmmm....that piece of felted pumpkin pie looks good enough to eat! In fact, my son thought so too.

I carried my slice of playtime pumpkin pie to the sunlight for a nice photo op. My eldest noticed the action and promptly ran to the kitchen to grab an extra fork! Ha! Once he got over the initial let-down of the inedible pumpkin pie he happily pretended to eat the rest.....instagram adorable! Plastic play food is out and adorable Eco-friendly play toys are in! Stock up on your play food for your lovelies this holiday season with some ellaNharry!

PLAY Eating Still Shot.....nom nom nom!:)
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 Veronika Carnaby Author of Bohemia

*This is my first book review on Spunky Real Deals, but make no mistake I am a book worm at heart. Veronika supplied me with a copy of this book. All opinions are solely my own. 

                                   I dub Bohemia, "The adventure of youth"~ Heather P.

What is Bohemia? I am not one to search the dictionary, but if you Google "Bohemia" something interesting will catch your eye. Bohemia is not one distict thing or place. It is a way of life, a city, region,  town, and a fashion statement...Bohemia is an artsy, freelance interpretation. we are getting somewhere!

The novel Bohemia begins in Manchester, England in the 1960s and follows a group of young twenty-somethings on their road to self-discovery. The 1960s might as well be the planet of Pluto as far as my understanding of the Era, but the author manages to capture the 60's atmosphere with a vivid light whether the location is abroad in Manchester or random locations throughout the United States. Veronika Carnaby draws you into her book from moment one with the light-hearted travels of the main character Valerie Freed or "V" as she is affectionately called by her friends.

"V" is a character you can instantly feel a connection with. You care about her and she will transport you back to your own fond youthful memories. Forever the psychoanalyst, I enjoy finding parallels between the author and the main characters within a novel. Only the author Veronika Carnaby herself can truly confirm if she has anything in common with her main character Valerie, but it is such fun to contemplate! Psychoanalyzing aside, I just plain enjoyed Veronika's writing style.

While in New York the main character Valerie observes New Yorkers as, "a potpourri of personalities". Veronika Carnaby's witty descriptions had me rolling with a familiar laughter!  Veronika is also brilliant in capturing the "humanness" of it all. She uses the perfect pallet as she paints a picture of the human condition with her words and analysis of photography, "Photography, I learned, was not for the faint of heart, but for the bravest of souls, those who had the stamina to capture something beautifully disastrous or terrifyingly glorious."* Bohemia will quickly turn into a charming classic. The rebellion, the discovery, the journey to find the true "you". You will find it all here in this novel!

Bohemia is deliciously fun and a smooth, easy ride. Bohemia is Veronika's debut novel, but I am lining up for subsequent exploitations already. She has the makings of a young Paulo Coelho with her earthy, descriptive nature that seemingly brings the pages to life. A fan, yes I am. Bravo Veronika Carnaby for writing a sure fire classic, my hats off to you madame!

Please feel free to visit the author Veronika Carnaby! or on Twitter at @VeronikaCarnaby
*an excerpt from Bohemia by Veronika Carnaby, pg. 122


It has been awhile since I had the time to share my twisted thoughts with you! My adventures at the thrift store yesterday inspired me to share my finds with you! I found a vintage ornate-wooden frame no older than about 30 years old, but simply gorgeous for $3.00. The real gem, however, was the photograph inside. I am no expert when it comes to identifying a real vs. a fake "Ye Olde-Tyme" photo, but it could be real! If it is real then who were these folks...that is just plain cool to sit around and ponder?! My mistake actually occurred when I got so excited that I ripped the photo out of frame for further inspection. Let's just say there was many a curse words involved....HA! The next thing the boys and I found were some 70's & 80's children's books!
Books are downright expensive at full price. One day my son and I took a walk to our local half-priced book shop. I thought I would stroke out right in the shop....half price my pasty white behind! Good grief! Back to the thrift store. Look at these wonderful children's books we found at our local thrift shop. These books should bring back some fond childhood memories for some of you;-) If you are a child of the 80's you most certainly had the Disney Bantam Book series Fun-To-Learn Library! The 70's book we snagged was "Mickey and the Magic Cloak". The illustrations in the 1970's books are stunning and I will grab them as the opportunity arises. This is totally outer space you ever have trouble starting a fire?

Before you hoodlums start jumping on my back about my handicap fire-starting abilities hear me out. I was a girl scout. This should say it all, but I will elaborate. I learned how to sell girl scout cookies, eat girl scout cookies, and hand my patches to my mother to sew on my vest. Nice right? I have found my fool-proof fire-starting method this week. Duraflame Logs! Get them. You light the little red arrows and it burns for four hours straight. This is not a gimmick, but it could hurt the old wallet. A pallet of 6 for about $36.00! me;-)

Hey! What's Up CupCAKE!?

First of all I cannot express how happy I am to be guest posting for Heather. If you are reading this you may already know that she runs a great blog. I contacted Heather thinking guest posting would be a fun thing to do. I then came to the realization...I have no idea what to Guest Post about!

My blog goes on and on about how the ordinary is extraordinary and I thought maybe I could expand upon that a little bit. You see for a period of time I was pretty depressed and I went through a lot of "the motions" to heal. Until...I started noticing how cool the little stuff was. I then started taking pictures of everything and before I knew it a blog was born. With this blog I’m careful – I want only the best and the most optimistic all the while keeping it real. Which, can prove to be a challenge at times – but hey who isn’t up for a challenge!

SO my name is Danielle Faith and I am an extraordinary ordinary blogger who thinks that even a jellybean can provide a person with endless hours of entertainment if they looked at it right. I encourage you to read more about my quirky self because who knows what you may learn from someone else and being able to connect with people with similar interests is so key to filling the social void in your life.

Leave a comment down below and I will take the time and effort to check out your blog and get in touch. Also, if you want to be on my mailing list email me!

This is Danielle Faith signing off on her guest posting rampage!


Danielle Faith

Let me start off by saying that I bought four more Freedom Soap Company Gift Sets as Christmas presents after Chasity's package arrived for review. Yes, I love Freedom Soap Company! A natural vegan-friendly soap company that prides itself in using the finest quality ingredients. The Freedom Soap Company's quality really shows from the packaging (that I photographed for nearly a hour), to the look, smell, and most importantly the feel! The box is beautiful, but come on let's open it!

Inside the Freedom Soap Co. Gift Set is four items: Rosemary & Lavender Bath Salts, Lavender & Sweet Orange Sugar Scrub, and two cold-pressed soaps with scents of your choice. Now the soap scents are unusual even for a natural soap company, which I totally adore. A few random soap scent choices are Peppermint, Juniper & Patchouli, Sweet Orange & Cloves, Lemongrass & Basil, and Peppermint & Coffee. I enjoyed using all the items, but I particularly enjoyed the peppermint soap!!

Freedom Soap Company's soap is vegan, palm-oil free, and deliciously cold-pressed! The peppermint soap that I have been using everyday is sooooo refreshing(even my husband mentioned "the nice soap" in the bathtub without being pressed). The peppermint scent is light and airy, not overbearing. The soap is intensly creamy and moisturing. I actually think the Peppermint & Coffee soap is probably "da bomb" and would recommend grabbing that bar to put into your stocking!! The last, but certainly not least is the Lavender & Sweet Orange Sugar Scrub accompanied by the Lavender Rosemary Bath Salts.

The Lavender & Rosemary Bath Salts are uber relaxing! The salts are a combination of epsom and dead sea salts. Safflower oil is added for moisturizing. Lavender buds serenely bobbing in the tub. A piece of heaven in your tub!  Rosemary and Lavender essential oils add the perfect aromatherapy touch. On the flip side, The Lavender and Sweet Orange sugar scrub is a wonderful sweet treat for your skin and it is amazingly unique. A strong scent of lavender is noted upon first whiff. After scrubbing, Sweet Orange is the predominant scent. How is this possible? I don't know, but I do know it left my skin silky smooth. An important sidenote is Freedom Soap Co. has price points that will not break that bank. So you never have to feel guilty....only Freedom Soap au natural clean!
Let Freedom Ring.....a bath bubbily-worthy giveaway is coming soon!
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STOP: Activate the runway music darling!*upper right;)

Rhonda is the glorious vintage jewelry designer of Shadow Jewels. Her jewelry is such a stunning twist of modern and vintage. Beautiful jewelry to be had in any Era! The coloring of her pieces is quite breathtaking. Even in a photograph you can see the colors shifting!

Jewelry is something I truly adore. Vintage jewelry pieces, however, just send me "over the moon" with joy! Shadow Jewels is my idea of jewelry paradise! There is something about a piece of jewelry that has already had life experience before putting it on. It builds character even in jewelry...I swear!

Vintagely yours....a Shadow Jewels Giveaway is coming soon!;-) You still have time to Join Fashion Week Dec 10th thru 17th!!
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                                                Kim Marshall Couture

"Our mother's had fur coats. We have ostrich feather skirts" ~ Heather P.

Our generation has a new indulgence. Feathers. Ostrich feathers. I sound like James Bond, but do not be mistaken this is a serious glamorous matter. Designer Kim Marshall of Kim Marshall Couture specializes in arranging these airy-light luxurious ostrich feathers. Kim creates the ultimate cocktail skirt using these feathers! Color options seem almost unlimited with colors ranging from pink to black. Your tastes can have all they desire with Kim's modern, classy, and glamourous style all wrapped up in a "esthetically pleasing" package. Holiday parties will surely be in your future this blustery season. Make sure Kim Marshall Couture is within close reach of your walk-in closet. Now...feast your eyes on some feathery delight ladies!

Hold your Feathers....a Kim Marshall Giveaway is coming soon!;-) You still have time to join Fashion Week Dec 10th thru 17th!!

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                             FROCK LA
LA is the proverbial playground for fashion. Get ready for Eco-friendly high fashion in delectable comfort. Not possible? Oh yes it is hunny! Let your eyes be the judge. Sexy-sleek back lines appear to be Victoria Tik's MO. Victoria is the Vera Wang-esque designer behind Frock LA. Enough talking feast your eyes on these amazing Frock LA designs!

     Ah..ah..ah..just a taste loves!;-) You still have time to join Fashion Week Dec 10th thru 17th!!
     Leather Cuff Bracelet American Flag by Michelle V.

I treasure my remark to my grandson who asked, "Grandpa, were you a hero in the war?" Grandpa said, "No... but I served in a company of heroes"~ Major Richard D. Winters

When I was a little girl growing up in Pennsylvania we stood up proudly to say the pledge of allegiance with tears welling in our eyes. No one debated about "God" being mentioned throughout the lyrics. The pledge of allegiance was bigger than all of us and embodied those who made the greatest sacrifice in order to preserve the freedoms that we hold so dear. We as children in Pennsylvania understood that at an early age.

Veteran's Day is not simply a day to our family. It means so much more than mere words can describe. Every year I am tormented by finding the perfect Veteran's Day gift for my husband. He is so self-less and never wants anything to be "about him". That led me to Michelle V's Custom Leather Jewelry Shop on Etsy. My husband was wearing a metal remembrance bracelet that is uncomfortable and frankly was getting plain worn out. I gave him a new remembrance leather cuff from Michelle V's early last week engraved with Cpt. Luke Wullenwaber's name. Cpt. Wullenwaber was a hero who saved many lives, but he was also a damn good person. Our youngest son is named in honor of him. At first my husband looked at it and basically said, "It was a nice thought". You have to understand my husband has strong military gear opinions, but after a couple of days....  

"You know this cuff is very comfortable and it does not get caught on anything". I win:) The proof is in the pudding because he is still wearing it. The design is very masculine and you can get a cuff as thick as you desire. I got my husband a thinner cuff, which is very minimalist. He likes that. Michelle V's Leather Cuffs are perfect as a memorial bracelet or to honor someone who is currently serving overseas. Also, I am sure you could use your imagination a million different ways to suite your personal needs;-) *Note: I purchased a cuff from Michelle V. for my dear husband. 

Please make a donation to Wounded Warrior Project this month and all months for that matter. I also have a donate button for WWP if you wish to donate that way as well. We need to support those veterans coming home. Thank you to all who have served and are serving!

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 The family and I live in a historic district. They are very strict on anything you do to the outside of your home and must be explicitly approved by the historic society first. I found a way to add my house number to the front of our house creatively with a pumpkin! Under the radar..heh heh heh:) I used a face painting purple crayon to write our house number on. The face painting crayon is great, because it is fairly water resistant too! The punk teenagers around here destroyed my first pumpkin, but I have another one you little brutes!

Hysterical right? Yeah even my pumpkin had a mustache this Halloween;-)

The "green movement" is here to stay. We as parents are demanding safer and better quality baby items than we had as children. Ashley Bug Organics is among those small businesses Eco-consciously focused on safety, quality, and let's not forget FUN baby items! Speaking of there anything more fun than a brightly-colored doughnut with sprinkles? 

This pink-sprinkled Organic Doughnut Teether comes beautifully package in a box that looks as if you just came from the local bakery. The doughnut teether is much larger than I would have originally thought too! Connected to the doughnut teether is a wooden ring. It is duel teething action. This is one of the most adorable organic baby items I have ever seen! Perfect as a baby shower gift, but personally I would straight up buy this for my own babes. My 18 month old is still teething! This is an item you will purchase and later say, "I am so glad we bought this!". The Organic Doughnut Teether is actually a new edition to the Ashley Bug Organics family. Their specialty lies in organic textiles with patterns that are completely unique to the company itself.

Organic bibs, Washcloths, Burp cloths, Gift sets, Custom orders, it seems Ashley Bug Organics does it all!  The patterns are beautiful, but it really is the texture that won me over. Honestly, I have never felt a softer "organic cloth" in my life. Another point. Do you travel? My family practically always has a suitcase packed to travel! These organic cloths are saviors on the road. Whether your child is simply covered in food(or something else) I believe these organic cloths should be in your arsenal! Ashley Bug Organics textiles would make a fantastic baby shower and Christmas gift for the babes in your life! *Note that the items above were sent to me by Ashley Bug Organics for purposes of this review, but all opinions are my own.

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