Bohemia by Veronika Carnaby {A Book Review}

 Veronika Carnaby Author of Bohemia

*This is my first book review on Spunky Real Deals, but make no mistake I am a book worm at heart. Veronika supplied me with a copy of this book. All opinions are solely my own. 

                                   I dub Bohemia, "The adventure of youth"~ Heather P.

What is Bohemia? I am not one to search the dictionary, but if you Google "Bohemia" something interesting will catch your eye. Bohemia is not one distict thing or place. It is a way of life, a city, region,  town, and a fashion statement...Bohemia is an artsy, freelance interpretation. we are getting somewhere!

The novel Bohemia begins in Manchester, England in the 1960s and follows a group of young twenty-somethings on their road to self-discovery. The 1960s might as well be the planet of Pluto as far as my understanding of the Era, but the author manages to capture the 60's atmosphere with a vivid light whether the location is abroad in Manchester or random locations throughout the United States. Veronika Carnaby draws you into her book from moment one with the light-hearted travels of the main character Valerie Freed or "V" as she is affectionately called by her friends.

"V" is a character you can instantly feel a connection with. You care about her and she will transport you back to your own fond youthful memories. Forever the psychoanalyst, I enjoy finding parallels between the author and the main characters within a novel. Only the author Veronika Carnaby herself can truly confirm if she has anything in common with her main character Valerie, but it is such fun to contemplate! Psychoanalyzing aside, I just plain enjoyed Veronika's writing style.

While in New York the main character Valerie observes New Yorkers as, "a potpourri of personalities". Veronika Carnaby's witty descriptions had me rolling with a familiar laughter!  Veronika is also brilliant in capturing the "humanness" of it all. She uses the perfect pallet as she paints a picture of the human condition with her words and analysis of photography, "Photography, I learned, was not for the faint of heart, but for the bravest of souls, those who had the stamina to capture something beautifully disastrous or terrifyingly glorious."* Bohemia will quickly turn into a charming classic. The rebellion, the discovery, the journey to find the true "you". You will find it all here in this novel!

Bohemia is deliciously fun and a smooth, easy ride. Bohemia is Veronika's debut novel, but I am lining up for subsequent exploitations already. She has the makings of a young Paulo Coelho with her earthy, descriptive nature that seemingly brings the pages to life. A fan, yes I am. Bravo Veronika Carnaby for writing a sure fire classic, my hats off to you madame!

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*an excerpt from Bohemia by Veronika Carnaby, pg. 122



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