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Hey! What's Up CupCAKE!?

First of all I cannot express how happy I am to be guest posting for Heather. If you are reading this you may already know that she runs a great blog. I contacted Heather thinking guest posting would be a fun thing to do. I then came to the realization...I have no idea what to Guest Post about!

My blog Daniellefaith.me goes on and on about how the ordinary is extraordinary and I thought maybe I could expand upon that a little bit. You see for a period of time I was pretty depressed and I went through a lot of "the motions" to heal. Until...I started noticing how cool the little stuff was. I then started taking pictures of everything and before I knew it a blog was born. With this blog I’m careful – I want only the best and the most optimistic all the while keeping it real. Which, can prove to be a challenge at times – but hey who isn’t up for a challenge!

SO my name is Danielle Faith and I am an extraordinary ordinary blogger who thinks that even a jellybean can provide a person with endless hours of entertainment if they looked at it right. I encourage you to read more about my quirky self because who knows what you may learn from someone else and being able to connect with people with similar interests is so key to filling the social void in your life.

Leave a comment down below and I will take the time and effort to check out your blog and get in touch. Also, if you want to be on my mailing list email me! Dani@DanielleFaith.me

This is Danielle Faith signing off on her guest posting rampage!


Danielle Faith


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