Kim Marshall Couture {Fashion Week Sneak Peek}

STOP: Activate the runway music darling!*upper right;)

                                                Kim Marshall Couture

"Our mother's had fur coats. We have ostrich feather skirts" ~ Heather P.

Our generation has a new indulgence. Feathers. Ostrich feathers. I sound like James Bond, but do not be mistaken this is a serious glamorous matter. Designer Kim Marshall of Kim Marshall Couture specializes in arranging these airy-light luxurious ostrich feathers. Kim creates the ultimate cocktail skirt using these feathers! Color options seem almost unlimited with colors ranging from pink to black. Your tastes can have all they desire with Kim's modern, classy, and glamourous style all wrapped up in a "esthetically pleasing" package. Holiday parties will surely be in your future this blustery season. Make sure Kim Marshall Couture is within close reach of your walk-in closet. Now...feast your eyes on some feathery delight ladies!

Hold your Feathers....a Kim Marshall Giveaway is coming soon!;-) You still have time to join Fashion Week Dec 10th thru 17th!!


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