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PcNYC {mineral makeup review & giveaway}

New York is one of the great fashion mecca's (arguably the greatest) in the United States! I have a dirty little secret. PcNYC **shhhh** A growing mineral make-up empire located in the Big Apple. Alright, now that I have spilled the beans be prepared for a mineral make-up takeover! 3-2-1....blam!

Most Notable Lip gloss
The first PcNYC product I tried was The Bubble Queen. I am very critical of my lip glosses. Bubble Queen get's an A+. A light tint of pink, bubble gum with a twist of peppermint scent, glossy, natural lip-soothing heaven!!! Alkanet root is used to color many of the lip products at PcNYC...including The Bubble Queen herself.

Check out this fun fact about Alkanet root at "...considered to be Lucky for the purposes of bringing Good Fortune in Business, Money Matters, and Games of Chance." In that case, I better get more Bubble Queen lip gloss pronto!;-) The next product I am going to beam about is a lotion?!

Cream of the Crop
The Laura Lemon Vanilla Cream. Named after Laura Levine who is the owner's friend and helped inspire this luxurious lotion:-) All I have to say is thank goodness for friends! The scent really is intoxicating: soothing and uplifting in the same note! No greasiness left behind, just smooth suppleness! Lotion Love...J'adore! Last, but certainly not least is a goddess I am quite fond of;-)

Goddess for the Lip & Cheek
Aphrodite you gorgeous thing! I love duel purpose make-up! Lightly-kissed pink for the cheeks and lips! PcNYC is mineral make-up suitable for all ages! Young and old alike will love the light classy mineral make-up that lingers, but does not hold you down.

{SURPRISE!!! There will be two winners!}

Who is ready for a street-chic sampling, mineral sexiness,  and always a New York style giveaway?!?
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*Please note that I received items for the purposes of this review. All opinions are solely mine. sunglasses are featured in this post.

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