Random Finds {Thrift Store & Duraflame Logs}

It has been awhile since I had the time to share my twisted thoughts with you! My adventures at the thrift store yesterday inspired me to share my finds with you! I found a vintage ornate-wooden frame no older than about 30 years old, but simply gorgeous for $3.00. The real gem, however, was the photograph inside. I am no expert when it comes to identifying a real vs. a fake "Ye Olde-Tyme" photo, but it could be real! If it is real then who were these folks...that is just plain cool to sit around and ponder?! My mistake actually occurred when I got so excited that I ripped the photo out of frame for further inspection. Let's just say there was many a curse words involved....HA! The next thing the boys and I found were some 70's & 80's children's books!
Books are downright expensive at full price. One day my son and I took a walk to our local half-priced book shop. I thought I would stroke out right in the shop....half price my pasty white behind! Good grief! Back to the thrift store. Look at these wonderful children's books we found at our local thrift shop. These books should bring back some fond childhood memories for some of you;-) If you are a child of the 80's you most certainly had the Disney Bantam Book series Fun-To-Learn Library! The 70's book we snagged was "Mickey and the Magic Cloak". The illustrations in the 1970's books are stunning and I will grab them as the opportunity arises. This is totally outer space random....do you ever have trouble starting a fire?

Before you hoodlums start jumping on my back about my handicap fire-starting abilities hear me out. I was a girl scout. This should say it all, but I will elaborate. I learned how to sell girl scout cookies, eat girl scout cookies, and hand my patches to my mother to sew on my vest. Nice right? I have found my fool-proof fire-starting method this week. Duraflame Logs! Get them. You light the little red arrows and it burns for four hours straight. This is not a gimmick, but it could hurt the old wallet. A pallet of 6 for about $36.00! Duraflame....call me;-)


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