Rustic Christmas {DIY Ideas}

We have arrived in a new Era of home decor: Rustic Chic! What is "Rustic Chic" you may ask? You take something old and add something new...Wallah, a Rustic Chic Decor sandwich! My approach to home decorating is slightly different from most. My technique is to spend as little as humanly possible. My big tip of the day: Use what you have and transform it! The rustic wreath you see pictured before you is a perfect example.

Wreaths are expensive and I have ONE. I decorate it differently for each holiday season! If you are going to splurge on something spend the extra dough on some nice ribbon. Some people have wine brokers and well I have a ribbon broker! Good ribbon will add the perfect holiday shine to any decor project you are working on:)  Okay....I am just going to say it: Has anyone started wrapping their Christmas presents? Please save the Boos and hisses!;-) I have a quick, adorable, and inexpensive way to wrap those holiday gifts this year....Rustic Style!!

My holiday shopping is a online bum-rush...just get'er done! All my Christmas gifts started coming from various locations and some were packed with Kraft paper....A-HA that is when I knew how I would wrap my holiday presents:) You can put anything on the Kraft paper that your little heart desires! My kids helped me slap some holiday colored paint on, stickers, stamps, glitter, the stretches of the imagination are your only limitations! I used some interesting holiday card stock for name tags and cozy yarn to tie it all together. The only thing I purchased was the rustic candy canes, but they are so freaking adorable...I could not resist! The last portion of this rustic rodeo is stockings hung by the chimney with care;-)

Many upcycled antique stores now boast vintage flour sack stockings for Christmas. I love them, but at $20 a pop I would rather stick my wet thumb in a light socket! My mother-in-law recently bought me a $10 flour sack at one of her favorite spots, but it was not strong enough to make pillow cases. So...I got the bright idea to make stockings!

This is how you do it, very primitive and easy.1.) Position a stocking on the flour sack and cut around it to get your pattern. 2.) Next, Stitch it up! You could use a sewing machine, but I cannot I just did some primitive hand stitching! I recommend using thick string or twine. You should also give yourself a thick border. If you are too close to the edge your stitches will not hold. 3.) At the top, I wove some pretty ribbon throughout the sack to tie to the banister. I did no additional cutting of the sack after creating the pattern. The flour sack will loosen up with some light tugging for the weaving portion. Presto, there you have it a Rustic Christmas! DIY can do it!


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