Shadow Jewels {Fashion Week Sneak Peek}

STOP: Activate the runway music darling!*upper right;)

Rhonda is the glorious vintage jewelry designer of Shadow Jewels. Her jewelry is such a stunning twist of modern and vintage. Beautiful jewelry to be had in any Era! The coloring of her pieces is quite breathtaking. Even in a photograph you can see the colors shifting!

Jewelry is something I truly adore. Vintage jewelry pieces, however, just send me "over the moon" with joy! Shadow Jewels is my idea of jewelry paradise! There is something about a piece of jewelry that has already had life experience before putting it on. It builds character even in jewelry...I swear!

Vintagely yours....a Shadow Jewels Giveaway is coming soon!;-) You still have time to Join Fashion Week Dec 10th thru 17th!!


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