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Get ready for a European Eco-chic Fashion invasion all the way from Finland! Vietto is eye-catching with fashion forward accessories and styling by independent designer Minna Kaartinen {the founder of Vietto established in 2007}. Minna is so versatile that I had to employ the collage photo-styling to capture her vast creativity with an array of materials. One of Minna's latest wintry designs is the slouchy, Eco-cotton knit turban-beanie.

This beanie is European love for my little head! The Turban Beanie is stylish, unique, and so soft with comfort. The beanie is light enough that you would certainly be able to wear this clear into Springtime with no troubles. Vietto Fashion is for the woman who wants comfort included with the expression of a European style, yet unique Eco-friendly individualism in each piece!

Who would like some Vietto European love for their little heads in 2013?
*Note this voice is my own and sunglasses are featured in this post!

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WELCOME TO HEATHER'S BLOG-CATION!!! which means instead of reviews and are getting straight-up crazy me! *wink*

***Note I am a registered {ER} nurse and qualified to speak on this subject:) Please do enjoy this sarcastic, morbid, and comical rant! On a serious note: A special Thank You to all nurses, doctors, firefighters, police officers, and soldiers. We appreciate you working the off shift, weekends, and holidays so that we may be safe.

ANSWER: Nurses{and other serious professions mentioned above} have seen life...the good, bad, and ugly. Some nurses cope with excessive eating, others binge drinking on the weekends, some by smoking a carton of cigarettes over a short weekend, and the lucky few have a loving family support network. I will confide that some nights at the ER were bad enough that I joined the chain smokers on the ambo-ramp {ambulance ramp} for a long-hard pull on a cigarette. This question comes up quite frequently: "You of all people should know this stuff is bad for you...Why do you do it"? Again an easy answer.

We nurses understand 100% that smoking will give us cancer and that extra candy bar will both shorten our life spans and give us heart attacks, but we do not give a rats a**! Most of us figure when your number is up that is that. I will spare you the gruesome details, but I have seen some freak accidents that make you think...yep it was his time to go! Heh heh heh....okay I am not going to spare you the gruesome details. One Thanksgiving a guy was drunk off his hind-end and tripped landing his eyeball directly into his shot-glass. Yep..eyeball in the shoot glass just like it sounds. Crazy awesome! Have no fear he survived....not sure if his eyeball made it though:)

Point blank...have that extra dirty martini and take another drag off that cigy, because maybe just maybe you'll get ran over by a bus tomorrow {hypothetically speaking of course}.

While I am on the subject of alcohol enjoy my FREE for all Egg Nog {kinda} Recipe!

1} Maker's Mark 1 shot + {as much as you want...the more the merrier}
2} Egg Nog 1 cup{full fat if you please}
3} Nutmeg {just a dash}

*This is not rocket science...just mix the shit together. Put your Maker's Mark in the freezer for an extra cool Egg Nog treat;-)

Happy Holidays you crazy kids!!!

Goest Perfumes is truly a "unique" scent-experience. Picking out a perfume is such a personal preferential experience and Goest makes it easy to chose a artisan scent that fits "you".  The scents (that I sampled at least) were described to perfection. Handcrafted lovingly in small batches with the highest quality essential oils and ingredients. Handmade right here in America:) I would like to share with you the three scents that I was made privy to at Goest Perfumes.

Silent Films
 I do believe if you could bottle an old tyme black and white film.....Silent Films by Goest is what it would smell like. The scent is masculine, but not overly. Powdery baby powder. Vanilla, leather, and smoke are noted as well. LOVE at first whiff. A musk like no other that moves silently and seamlessly, yet leaves you wanting more.

Feminine meets Foodie! The Dauphine artisan scent is a delectable blend of cream, rose, almond, and musks. Fresh, delightful, and airy. A perfect date night treat;-) Dauphine reminds me of a divine and extremely beautiful young lady.

I raise an eyebrow at anyone that says they can bottle sunshine, but Halleluiah Goest Perfumes did it! Described as sun, swim, and sail. Woods and peachy accents. This scent reminds me of the beach and the outdoors. Fresh laundry drying in the crisp sunlight....ahhh, this is so refreshing! 

Who would like a whiff whiff of the artisan, handcrafted, and made in the USA Goest Perfumes? 
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Gertie & Baxter sounds like a TV mini-series, but lucky for all of you she designs amazing girlish accessories for you and your home! Julie is the designer behind Gertie & Baxter located in the fashion mecca of LA. Her versatility truly astounds me. She uses a variety of fabrics, textures, colors, and she even has gorgeous jewelry to boot! Promotion aside you need to visit G&B! Circle back to promotion, Julie sent me an adorable knitted bow hat to review! I do covet my hats:)

I also covet G&B plus the knitted bow hat all in one sweet package! The knitted bow hat has a stylish hint of couture! It features a large bow with bead work that sparkles in the winter sunlight. The little brim is perfect for keeping the sun or little flecks of snow out of your eyes. The classic color black suites me perfectly, but this lovely knitted bow hat comes in an array of delightful colors that is sure to suite any gal's taste. What hat are you wearing this winter?

Let me are still wearing your Care Bears winter cap from the late 80s!? I think it is time for a winter hat re-up! Just to prove a point I am going to have a hat showdown with my old winter hat and my new handcrafted G&B bow hat! Try not to pee yourself laughing...HA! Yep, the old hat makes me look like a flitting hobo;-) The Gertie & Baxter knitted bow hat is stunning! I took a trot around the block with the kids and had nearly a dozen people stop me and ask, "Where did you get that hat"?! There you have it ladies. Now isn't it time to introduce G&B into your life?

Who is ready for a lusciously knitted, bow-fabulous, winter cap for the stylish ages G&B Giveaway?

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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of No nonsense for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Leggings and tights are without a doubt a winter staple. No nonsense tights and leggings has the goods. Affordable, stylish, and a truly amazing variety! They use materials such as denim and corduroy for their leggings! Most importantly they are available to all! Walk into most drugstores and you can find yourself a pair of No nonsense tights and leggings..... convenience perfection! Let me walk you through some amazing outfit enhancers using No nonsense tights and leggings. Come can do this too!

Tights {Deep Burgundy}

Oh thank goodness! I was so happy to see a color that fits my age:) Deep Burgundy was perfect and perfect for giving some additional cheer to a Christmas party dress ensemble!!! Style is so personal, but with No nonsense you can find a product that is uniquely "you". My personal style includes mixing feminine and masculine elements. I am soooo into boots right now! My deep burgundy No nonsense tights are the perfect color and warmth enhancement for my Christmas party dress this year!

Leggings {Denim}

These were by far my favorite No nonsense product! The denim leggings are amazing and look exactly like denim only cheaper and far more comfortable! The fun thing about these leggings is you can pair them with  anything you would pair jeans with. No sweat...this one is easy. I went for a street chic, everyday look! Perfection that you can easily and affordably achieve with No nonsense tights and leggings.

Look for Jill Martin, whom is the new style ambassador for No nonsense, to be contributing her fashion savvy knowledge! Jill is also a Emmy Award-winning TV personality and co-author of the New York Times best selling style guide, "I have nothing to wear". She is also the New York correspondent for Access Hollywood.

Show some No nonsense love and get their updates with No nonsense on Facebook

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STOP: Activate the runway music darling;-) *Upper Corner*

Welcome to Fashion Week 2012! I am delighted to be your Host Spunky Real Deals with my gorgeous Co-Host Christie of Satisfaction Through Christ. Are you ready for the most delectable fashion giveaways of 2012!? I am popping the bubbily in celebration of 500 delicious followers here at Spunky Real Deals! This week there will be ONE tremendous winner of TWO amazing prizes for a USA beauty! It is time to get on the virtual runway and strut my stuff. Enough chit chat my dears...let fashion week officially begin! Frock LA is my Eco-chic Starlet and the first to grace the virtual runway!

Frock LA is contemporary, Eco-friendly, and oozes high fashion from every sustainable piece of fabric! Victoria Tik the designer of Frock LA revels in featuring sexy plunging lines, a bit of asymmetry, and fabric billowing clear down to your tippy-toes! Frock LA is generously giving us a taste with the GWEN-Reversible V-neck backless tee!

One lucky lady will win this classic top from Frock LA in the blush color featured on our virtual runway. The GWEN is sexy, polished, refined, and versatile. You can wear the V in the front or back...your prerogative my dears;-) GWEN is soft, comfortable, and utterly feminine. She will easily guide you from the morning sunlight to the twinkling twilight. Bless you Victoria for creating such beautiful and comfortable high-fashion clothing!*kiss kiss* Shall we turn to some dazzling jewelry by Shadow Jewels?

Rhonda is the jewelry designer from Shadow Jewels who has given us some amazing pieces to have us oohing and awing all night long! Shadow Jewels specializes in designing jewelry for the modern day lady with timeless vintage stones and bead-work. I am wearing the Rosaline necklace with pink German glass beads! It is stunning and you know what? One of you is going to win one! You can probably tell that I adore pink...a lady can never have enough pink in her closet...actual and factual!;-)

Okay Cover Girl's this is the moment you have all been waiting for....make love to the camera and enter my giveaway!!! One winner takes all! *kiss kiss*
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Put on your most adorable pair of stilettos and do a virtual strut over to more fabulous fashion giveaway's!!

Special Thank Yous XOXO:
Make-up please!
Special Thanks to PcNYC for sending for truly amazing mineral make up to use for this photo shoot! If you are looking to win some PcNYC to try for yourself enter the PcNYC giveaway now...TWO winners!!!!

I am ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille!
Special Thanks also goes out to Blaire the glorious photographer for taking these lovely photos! Please visit her at for more information on snagging her for your next photo session, especially if you live in the Northern Virginia area. 

Good Hair Day!
Thanks to my wonderful hair stylist Sarah at Lindsays Organic Salon in Leesburg, VA!!!!

Shades Shout-out! sunglasses are featured on this Fashion Week virtual runway!
*Please note that items were given to me for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are solely my own
So, I was at Lindsay's Organic Salon in my quaint historic town of Leesburg, VA to get my hair done for the Fashion Week photo shoot. Right in front of me I noticed a basket of scrumptious-looking bath goodies. The granular-exfoliating gingerbread man soap is what first caught my attention. Sarah Buona, whom Co-owns Lindsay's Organic Salon, also runs her own Organic bath and body business by the name of Terreno Organics! She is one busy lady:) Sarah handed me a jar of her Grapefruit & Sweet Orange Terreno Organics Body Butter to try while getting my hair all done up! This is the life I tell ya! I opened up the jar and I believe I have never seen or felt a body butter quite so thick!

Even in the photos you can visibly see the definition of those deep-luscious body butter ridges. I L-O-V-E...LOVE the thickness of the Terreno Organics Body Butter. A teeny-tiny bit really goes a long way...actually a fingertips worth will moisturize both hands completely! The Grapefruit & Sweet Orange scent of Terreno's body butter is airy light. The scent is like the waft of a rose...the scent pleasantly comes in and out as you smell it. You can feel & even smell the purity and true quality of Terreno Organic's ingredients. In fact, Sarah is extraordinarily passionate about the quality of ingredients that go into her products and that is a company you want to purchase from!

Speaking of purchases, if you want to get your hands on some Terreno Organics you will have to visit Sarah personally at Lindsay's Organic Salon! If you live in the Northern Va area that will be no problem for you. Sarah's website is nearly ready for the world to see...but in the meantime, you will have to WIN some from ME;-)

Stay TUNED: Terreno Organics Official Website

Who is ready for a Terreno Organics Body Butter that melts into your skin like butter into a hot skillet giveaway?

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St. Nick's Day is the eve of December 6th that involves leaving your shoes out to find that St. Nick has filled them with little goodies in the morning. Think stockings on the floor:) This holiday is more widely celebrated outside of the US in European countries. Although, evidently the man who started it all was living in the country that is now known as Turkey. My husband spent some time as a young boy living with his family in Germany. He speaks very fondly of his youth in Germany. I believe his favorite part of Christmas is St. Nick's Day. Saint Nicholas was a real man whose generosity and kindness sparked the now widely celebrated tradition of St. Nick's Day. A tradition that my husband and I are continuing to share with our children.

Happy Holidays!

Sneak Peek Fashion Week...Coming Monday December 10th!
*This post is intended for 18 years or older: Adult Content Only, nothing crass though;-)
"Brook There has created a lingerie line for both women and men to equally love."~Heather P.

Portland, ME is known throughout the US for...let's see here lobster, lighthouses, picturesque little towns, cobblestone roads, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and now Organic Lingerie by Brook There! Lingerie can be a pain for us ladies(literally and figuratively)...strings, nothingness, discomfort, and unflattering lines. Brook There is a lingerie for Real Women! You know women with curves and a big booty. Brook has achieved a combination of luxury, sexiness, and comfort in one adorable pair of panties! Super Woman if you ask me;-) 
Brook There is not just a panty emporium. Oh no....they offer a varied array of sustainable organic clothing! Arm warmers, skirts, bra & panty sets, and even dresses. My favorite set would have to be the hot pink silk garter belt *purrr*.

Brook There panties are really supportive and hug your body to perfection! I found them to be supremely comfortable and I feel nothing but beautiful wearing them! Little bits of lace are the perfect feminine accents for these Eco-chic panties! I cannot wait to try the bra's too! You tell your significant other that if they want a Christmas present that keeps on giving that Brook There should find its way into your stocking!;-)

Who is ready for a be-like Tom Cruise(or me) in your panties Brook There giveaway?;-)
*I was given items for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are solely my own.

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