Brook There {Organic Lingerie Review & Giveaway}

*This post is intended for 18 years or older: Adult Content Only, nothing crass though;-)
"Brook There has created a lingerie line for both women and men to equally love."~Heather P.

Portland, ME is known throughout the US for...let's see here lobster, lighthouses, picturesque little towns, cobblestone roads, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and now Organic Lingerie by Brook There! Lingerie can be a pain for us ladies(literally and figuratively)...strings, nothingness, discomfort, and unflattering lines. Brook There is a lingerie for Real Women! You know women with curves and a big booty. Brook has achieved a combination of luxury, sexiness, and comfort in one adorable pair of panties! Super Woman if you ask me;-) 
Brook There is not just a panty emporium. Oh no....they offer a varied array of sustainable organic clothing! Arm warmers, skirts, bra & panty sets, and even dresses. My favorite set would have to be the hot pink silk garter belt *purrr*.

Brook There panties are really supportive and hug your body to perfection! I found them to be supremely comfortable and I feel nothing but beautiful wearing them! Little bits of lace are the perfect feminine accents for these Eco-chic panties! I cannot wait to try the bra's too! You tell your significant other that if they want a Christmas present that keeps on giving that Brook There should find its way into your stocking!;-)

Who is ready for a be-like Tom Cruise(or me) in your panties Brook There giveaway?;-)
*I was given items for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are solely my own.

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