Goest Perfumes {Smell Intoxicating Review & Giveaway}

Goest Perfumes is truly a "unique" scent-experience. Picking out a perfume is such a personal preferential experience and Goest makes it easy to chose a artisan scent that fits "you".  The scents (that I sampled at least) were described to perfection. Handcrafted lovingly in small batches with the highest quality essential oils and ingredients. Handmade right here in America:) I would like to share with you the three scents that I was made privy to at Goest Perfumes.

Silent Films
 I do believe if you could bottle an old tyme black and white film.....Silent Films by Goest is what it would smell like. The scent is masculine, but not overly. Powdery finish...like baby powder. Vanilla, leather, and smoke are noted as well. LOVE at first whiff. A musk like no other that moves silently and seamlessly, yet leaves you wanting more.

Feminine meets Foodie! The Dauphine artisan scent is a delectable blend of cream, rose, almond, and musks. Fresh, delightful, and airy. A perfect date night treat;-) Dauphine reminds me of a divine and extremely beautiful young lady.

I raise an eyebrow at anyone that says they can bottle sunshine, but Halleluiah Goest Perfumes did it! Described as sun, swim, and sail. Woods and peachy accents. This scent reminds me of the beach and the outdoors. Fresh laundry drying in the crisp sunlight....ahhh, this is so refreshing! 

Who would like a whiff whiff of the artisan, handcrafted, and made in the USA Goest Perfumes? 
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