Terreno Organics {Body Butter Review & Giveaway}

So, I was at Lindsay's Organic Salon in my quaint historic town of Leesburg, VA to get my hair done for the Fashion Week photo shoot. Right in front of me I noticed a basket of scrumptious-looking bath goodies. The granular-exfoliating gingerbread man soap is what first caught my attention. Sarah Buona, whom Co-owns Lindsay's Organic Salon, also runs her own Organic bath and body business by the name of Terreno Organics! She is one busy lady:) Sarah handed me a jar of her Grapefruit & Sweet Orange Terreno Organics Body Butter to try while getting my hair all done up! This is the life I tell ya! I opened up the jar and I believe I have never seen or felt a body butter quite so thick!

Even in the photos you can visibly see the definition of those deep-luscious body butter ridges. I L-O-V-E...LOVE the thickness of the Terreno Organics Body Butter. A teeny-tiny bit really goes a long way...actually a fingertips worth will moisturize both hands completely! The Grapefruit & Sweet Orange scent of Terreno's body butter is airy light. The scent is like the waft of a rose...the scent pleasantly comes in and out as you smell it. You can feel & even smell the purity and true quality of Terreno Organic's ingredients. In fact, Sarah is extraordinarily passionate about the quality of ingredients that go into her products and that is a company you want to purchase from!

Speaking of purchases, if you want to get your hands on some Terreno Organics you will have to visit Sarah personally at Lindsay's Organic Salon! If you live in the Northern Va area that will be no problem for you. Sarah's website is nearly ready for the world to see...but in the meantime, you will have to WIN some from ME;-)

Stay TUNED: Terreno Organics Official Website

Who is ready for a Terreno Organics Body Butter that melts into your skin like butter into a hot skillet giveaway?

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