Why nurses enjoy alcohol, overeating, and chain smoking

WELCOME TO HEATHER'S BLOG-CATION!!! which means instead of reviews and giveaways...you are getting straight-up crazy me! *wink*

***Note I am a registered {ER} nurse and qualified to speak on this subject:) Please do enjoy this sarcastic, morbid, and comical rant! On a serious note: A special Thank You to all nurses, doctors, firefighters, police officers, and soldiers. We appreciate you working the off shift, weekends, and holidays so that we may be safe.

ANSWER: Nurses{and other serious professions mentioned above} have seen life...the good, bad, and ugly. Some nurses cope with excessive eating, others binge drinking on the weekends, some by smoking a carton of cigarettes over a short weekend, and the lucky few have a loving family support network. I will confide that some nights at the ER were bad enough that I joined the chain smokers on the ambo-ramp {ambulance ramp} for a long-hard pull on a cigarette. This question comes up quite frequently: "You of all people should know this stuff is bad for you...Why do you do it"? Again an easy answer.

We nurses understand 100% that smoking will give us cancer and that extra candy bar will both shorten our life spans and give us heart attacks, but we do not give a rats a**! Most of us figure when your number is up that is that. I will spare you the gruesome details, but I have seen some freak accidents that make you think...yep it was his time to go! Heh heh heh....okay I am not going to spare you the gruesome details. One Thanksgiving a guy was drunk off his hind-end and tripped landing his eyeball directly into his shot-glass. Yep..eyeball in the shoot glass just like it sounds. Crazy awesome! Have no fear he survived....not sure if his eyeball made it though:)

Point blank...have that extra dirty martini and take another drag off that cigy, because maybe just maybe you'll get ran over by a bus tomorrow {hypothetically speaking of course}.

While I am on the subject of alcohol enjoy my FREE for all Egg Nog {kinda} Recipe!

1} Maker's Mark 1 shot + {as much as you want...the more the merrier}
2} Egg Nog 1 cup{full fat if you please}
3} Nutmeg {just a dash}

*This is not rocket science...just mix the shit together. Put your Maker's Mark in the freezer for an extra cool Egg Nog treat;-)

Happy Holidays you crazy kids!!!


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