2nd Annual Gastro Games {family traditions}

Hopefully, you figured out gastro has something to do with eating or food....or at the very least the stomach. If you have sorted through that much then I will fill in the rest of the gaps for you! The origination of the Gastro Games is fuzzy for me, but I do know that my father-in-law wanted to pit his children in a head to head foodie competition in collaboration with their spouses for his amusement {priceless}. Just note that my father-in-law is the sweetest. Even though Clayton and I lost miserably he made sure to mention multiple times that our food was indeed delicious and even sent a separate e-mail to confirm his approval of our cuisine:)

The basic "Gastro Games" set up consists of 12 judges{complete with score cards}, The three sibling teams in collabo with spouses, and a menu of the team's choosing. The menu consists of  a round of appetizers, entrees, desserts, and this year a specialty drink was included as well. Take a gander at some of the food and drinks that were being prepared in a 4-star fashion:

Georgia's Dessert Masterpiece {I cannot recall every component, but chocolatey delish!}

    Alice is working on her main entree: A rustic venison pot roast!

Steve is Alice's husband and he made my listing of "most amusing" Gastro Games member!:)

This is Alice and Steve's specialty drink {Strawberry Champagne?}. Sitting in the bottom of these flutes are little gelatin balls...FANCY!

 My darling made an amazing grilled pork chop with his homemade BBQ sauce!

That concludes this delicious edition of the 2nd annual Gastro Games, but please do let me know if this sparks a Gastro Games of your very own! In conclusion, here is a photo of our wonderful hosts: Mr. and Mrs. Paulding:) Until the 3rd annual Gastro Games I bid you a hearty farewell!


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