Annie Sloan chalk paint whitewashed floors {Updates}

A lovely reader named Linda contacted me asking for photos of the finished Annie Sloan White Washed floors. Since this is something I have been meaning to do for far too long I am glad she gave me the gentle nudge I needed:) My husband and I say to each other daily what a blessing it is that I took the daring jump and white washed our floors. The photo above is the finished white washed floors after a year with heavy traffic from my two toddlers, my husband, and a big German Shepherd!

Far left you see the finished white washed floors, the middle portion has the old white but is unsealed, and the far right is what it looked like before the white wash{pretty gruesome}. See my Annie Sloan White Washed Floors post HERE for the step by step How-To.

*Crucial TIP: Before any application your floor must-be as clean and as dry as possible. A clean surface is a happy-painted surface. 


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