Blooming in Adversity {deep seeded thoughts}

The rose you see before you fought like the dickens to bloom in mid January. Over a two week period I would go out my front door to grab the mail and see this rose reaching to the sky. I thought, "It will die soon".

Not only did it survive, but it was nearly to the point where the blossom was starting to open. The good Samaritan that I am I took the liberty to bring the poor thing inside. Then I had a thought...this rose is me in a way. Okay, before you all start sending me phone numbers for the nearest psychiatric facility here me out:)

I was raised in a primarily negative & unloving atmosphere. My father was emotionally abusive and my mother is diagnosed with having bipolar disorder. This is part of me and I am not ashamed to share this with you all...quite the opposite. I am proud.

Like the rose, I would not give up. Mediocre is perfect for a person of my background and truly is expected. I say piss on the status quo. With a lot of hard work and a little luck {help from the big guy perhaps} you can not only survive, but thrive under the starkest circumstances. Yeah, this determined little January rose brought this to my attention.


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