Flip Sidez {Custom Sand Imprint Flip Flops}

What are Flip Sidez? Flip Sidez are sandals that leave a imprinted impression in the sand as you walk! This is an amazing and unique way to promote your business, ask that special person to marry you, or just for pure fun{which is my very favorite reason}. The Flip Sidez Design Shop is very easy to use. You have the actual flip flops in front of you to visualize what the final product will look like. Customization of your choosing includes text, symbols, colors, and your shoe size {of course} just by clicking the right or left flip flop. If you and your computer have less than a kosher relationship you have the option to use a simple form instead:) Scott Osiol the Founder at Flip Sidez was kind enough to send me a customized pair...check out my foot stache!
Flip Sidez was originally founded as Flop Happy in 2010
My customized pair is the multi-layered flop in pink, complete with a "Stache"! MuWah...my greatest creation yet:) Jokes aside I was impressed with how well the small lettering stood out! I was barely standing on the sand and the photos show a sturdy impression! The sandals are also comfortable too! That was a concern with the missing chunks of my sole and all. My worries slowly dissipated while walking about in them. You cannot tell the difference in comfort or stride with Flip Sidez in comparison to the old regular flops. What are you waiting for? Let your feet express themselves;-) 
NO minimum orders and Made in the USA!
Who wants to leave their own personal mark in the sand world with Flip Sidez?:)

*Flip Sidez provided me with sandals for the sole purpose of this review. I also created my own beach using my children's sandbox...damn I am creative!;-) 
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