Lilipop Designs {build it, and they will come}

Lilipop Designs has the frill and modern day flair that any blogger femme would adore! When things start spiraling and getting out of control with my blog{like my social media icons spread out like the great ocean herself}. I call in the Calvary, also known as,  Jessica from Lilipop Designs. The #1 reason?

I TRUST HER. When you take so much pride and put so much work into your blog "just anyone" will not cut it. Trusting a graphic designer is a good first step, but what about the final it good?
Jessica is OVER the MOON fabulous, but I will let you judge for yourself. Look around at the bloggy updates she helped me with: organizing my social media icons {top right}, creating an About Me icon {also top right}, and a revised post-script {check the bottom of this post}. Jessica keeps my blog looking professional and I recommend her for any and all updates to your baby{your blog}*smirks*
NOTE: The lady behind it all Jessica also blogs at boys oh boys!


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