Marie Dean Curly Styling Cream {Review & Giveaway}

...and the angels descended from Heaven and handed me Marie Dean Curly Styling Cream. Dramatic yes, but ladies this is what your hair has been waiting for! I was worried using a cream in my hair would give me a "Fonzie" look and needlessly weigh down my hair.  
Marie Dean curly cream made me fall in love with my hair again. It added volume, shine, and much needed moisture to my hair. The texture is thick and tacky...the scent is divine. It left a vanilla marshmallowy scent trail in my wake for hours! Be prepared to be impressed! The curly cream will replace a multitude of products you probably already own including: moisturizers, hair sprays, sculptors, and anti-frizz hair products. Spend the $20.00 on the Curly Cream and you will be delighted you did.  Marie Dean's Curly Cream is only the tip of her fresh product iceberg!

 FACT: Marie Dean products are made by hand every day.
Marie Dean has natural hair masks, leave-in conditioners, hair detanglers, deep conditioners, let's save time and just say this is your one stop hair shop! Let me also mention she has naturally-focused products for the whole family, including the kiddos too! My beady eyes are laser focused on the Green Tea Seed Oil Ultra-Nourishing Moisturizer! Marie Dean makes the Essential, must-have beauty that is saying something!

Who wants Marie Dean luscious locks that shine from the light within?

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