Mega Giveaway 2013 with Peacoats & Plaid

Giveaway Going live Monday, January 7th at 9:00 AM CST

My merriment could not be any jollier to make this announcement to you fine folks! Get ready for a giveaway spectacular the likes your eyes have yet to feast upon! Let me break it down for you: There will be THREE winners entering prize packages over $800 in value!

Over 70 bloggers are participating in this grand kick off to 2013 Mega Giveaway event! The star of the show is BreAnna of Peacoats and Plaid...please give her a standing ovation for making this giveaway rodeo possible!

You gots to be crazy right?!? THREE winners totaling over $800 in prizes?! Oh no...just you wait the mega is MEGA;-) Who loves you? Yeah, I do.


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