North Coast organics {Death BY Lavender Deodorant}

North Coast organics is a budding Vegan, Organic, and Handmade small business creating some very unique personal care products with an even more stand out marketing scheme to boot! Established in 2012, They proudly represent the Logan Square, Chicago, IL area and I am about to give you the "organically correct" North Coast grand tour. Hold on to your essential oils...this is going to be one wild organic ride!;-)

If the skull and the lavender cross bones does not grab your attention...I just do not know what to tell you people. Death by Lavender is coined "The Odor Assassinator". ALUMINUM FREE. PARABEN FREE. BPA FREE. Vegan, organic, handcrafted deodorant by North Coast Organics. The ingredients are wholesome and safe for your body, but does it really work? I sent Death by Lavender through one rigorous test! The only test for a REAL natural deodorant: Bikram Yoga. Bikram is an hour and a half of intense exercise in a hot room. This test should suffice.

Pass is really a very generic term for Death by Lavender surpassed my every expectation! I have used many natural deodorants in the past {like Lush...sorry guys} and stopped, because it just did not work very well. The Death by Lavender natural deodorant lives up to his reputation as "The Odor Assassinator". It also smells great! I am ashamed to say I walked around the house sniffing my armpits quite frequently:) Kudos North Coast Organics!!! Strong work for creating a strong working natural deodorant!

Who would like some Death by Lavender for their precious, natural-loving pits?
*NOTE: All thoughts are my own and I do not do yoga with my mustache, but maybe I should start:)
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