Whispering Sweet Nothings {EPIC group giveaway}

Jammin' Jan Jiveaway!
Oh sweet coffee beans! This group giveaway is just caffeinated with craziness! You could be one of TEN winners in this EPIC Group Giveaway! Shane at Whispering Sweet Nothings put this SWEET giveaway together for all of you. Now feel free to enter as many or few as you choose! Be sure to come back each day to earn more entries for tweeting, sharing, and blogging about this Jammin' Jiveaway Spectacular! I am shaking from all the excitement, but maybe that is just all the coffee coursing through my veins;-)

Coffee Lovers Dream Package
>> $50 to Starbucks
>> Coffee + Mug
>> Large ad space

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Comfy Cozy Package
>> Custom beanie
>> Bath & Body set
>> 5 pairs Fluffy ear warmers
>> Custom Owl pillow
>> Cup cozy >> $10 just B you credit >> Reversible tote

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Accessory Queen Package

>> Jewelry + 250x400 ad space
>> Teardrop hoop earrings
>> 3 bracelets
>> Mum earrings + large ad space
>> Go Jane Prize package >> 3 custom hair bows >> $20 Allena Mistral Designs >> Bronze & Pave Bracelet >> Charmed Bracelet

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Jack of all trades Package
>> $10 Target gift card + Medium ad space
>> Large ad space + Pampered chef cookbook >> $10 Paypal cash >> 2 styled outfits >> $10 Ulta >> $25 Sephora
KristineBetsyKristenMeagan, SabzRenee
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Photo's Delight Package
>> $50 to Anna Delores Photography >> Valentines Day Print >> 8x10 print >> $20 to English Breakfast  EmilyAmandaKarlyPhoebe

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I love my blog #1
>> Large ad space
>> Large ad space
>> Top Notch ad space
>> 200x200 ad space
>> A year of ad space ($120!)
I love my blog #2
>> Custom blog header, intro, button
>> 220x220 ad space
>> XL ad space
>> Large ad space
>> 2 months 300x350 ad space + two 200x200 Newsletter features

I love my blog #3
>> Large ad space
>> 2 months medium ad space
>> Full custom modern/sleek Blog design
>> Supercool ad space
>> Really really big ad space

I love my blog #4
>> 2 hours virtual assistance + guest post
>> 200x200 ad space
>> Dating ad space
>> 3 months XL ad space
>> Medium ad space
I love my blog #5 >> Ultimate ad space >> Custom post signature >> Large ad space >> 200x200 ad space >> Custom blog planner Nicholl, Chelsea, Brittany, Kerry, Rachel
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