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Oh my lovelies I have a sweet not sour giveaway for you! The wonderful blogger Chelsea Monroe at the Big Beautiful Broke Blog is hosting an amazing group giveaway! Spunky Real Deals is among the mix offering a 250x250 Primo Ad Space for the month of March. Get your entries in because you only have a few days left. Love, love, love you loves;-)
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Smile my little darlings it is another Lush Giveaway! This time with another innovative Lush product known simply as Toothy Tabs. These tabs are tiny and unassuming until you nibble them up with your teeth! Flavors burst through, but to my pleasant surprise do not kick your teeth in. I chose the flavor Aquatic, because the notes are unusual for a chompers product: Jasmine and Lime. I thunk it the perfect time to create my first ever demo video for you all;-) I really tried to keep the frothing and slobbering to a minimum, but I am brushing my teeth:)


Give me a smile for a Lush Toothy Tab Giveaway!
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*Lush does not approve or disapprove this lushie message. I paid for this giveaway with my own monies. Unsponsored that is;-)

Do you frequently loiter around Spunky Real Deals? Well my little vagabonds you probably noticed the recent change in graphic designs scenery! Who is the person responsible for this NEW delightful ambiance you may ask? This Whos Who among the blogger community is known for more than her successful blog Caked Vintage. I am certain {unless you are color blind} that you have noticed her blue hair! Jessa is her name and she is the graphic designer behind Caked Designs and creator of my new beautiful bloggy space here at Spunky Real Deals.

Jessa's designs are clean, but very distinct. Distinct is good when you are trying to brand yourself in a sea of fellow bloggers:) Jessa also works extraordinarily hard to include you{the customer}in every aspect of the creative process. She even sends you a LIVE link so you can watch her work! It is like dropping your virtual child off at daycare. You can reassuringly check in to make sure your blog baby is doing just fine:) I am fond of asking graphic designers to describe their particular style. Jessa responded: 

I would say my design style is playful and simplistic. I love color and kitschy clip art but also feel a space should be warm and inviting. My goal is for the focus to be on the author and the material they share while accented by the cheery presence of my designs!  I enjoy building the perfect frame to showcase one's creativity!  
 Jessa did a bang up job! The amount of pink in my previous design was making me feel nauseous. Jessa simplified, but enhanced my design in subtle ways. Did you notice in my header that the stache has a fuzzy-felted appearance... I love this! One more thing to mention. You will not find better service matched with quality and a cushy price anywhere else in Blog-O World. I know I sound like a damn car salesman, but it is truth! Put your time and energies into writing a good post and let Caked Designs take care of the atmospheric energies!

The daunting task that I took on a few weeks ago was throwing a baby shower for TWO of my pregnant girlfriends. The twist is I only had a WEEK to plan the whole shi-bang: food, decor, gifts, and general ambiance {so fancy}. All on a strict budget to boot! Who do I look like Donetalla Versace{please do not answer that}?  Most would probably have gone stark-raving mad, but not me.....because I am already mad:) Oh and I only spent $12 on Ribbon for the decorations, $50 on Food {I like good cheese so cut me some slack}, and $20 per preggo for their nontraditional LUSH baby shower gifts! Let me show you how it is done my little dovelets!

Food is the most important part of any party or get together. When you are on a time constraint simplicity is the key to survival. I made sure to go with the rustic vibe of my house by embracing food pairings to match. Fresh Honey crisp apples, olives, carrots, hummus, crackers, and fresh bread for appetizers. Refreshments included two types of teas: Earl Grey & Mint. Water: sparkling & flat was also made available. Of course, plenty of booze was also available. Sadly {as you may have guessed} some ladies were unavailable to drink it up with me:) The main course was a simple roast chicken. The best part was homemade CUPCAKES for dessert:

DECOR & General Ambiance 
My friend Blaire is having a girl and my friend Julie is having a boy. I wanted to work in a pink & blue color scheme. The overall theme was NATURE. Again, my house is very rustic and I was able to make gorgeous centerpieces using pieces of my neighbor's tree{the branches were over my property line...thanks craig!}. I also utilized other natural elements from my own backyard including: twigs, sticks, rocks and ivy for my adorable bird's nests! Here is another shot of the decor & centerpieces:

It was so satisfying to throw this party for my girlfriends! My favorite part was putting together a nontraditional baby shower gift for each of them from LUSH! Lush sells robot shaped bath bombs for the babes! I made a gift basket of Ickle Baby Bot bath bombs from Lush and included a bath bomb for the mamas too! The moms are often forgotten and they will be pushing the little buggers out!:)  

Happy Pregnancy & THE END!

FUN. This word really says it all when it come to this new LUSH product for the kiddos. It is play-dough for the bath that can be used for bubbles, bathing, drawing, squishing, or just turning the water a fun new color! A born skeptic, naturally I thought the thing would disintegrate upon water impact. Not so. One FUN dough lasted nearly a week between both of my boys....granted I broke off little pieces, but it did last. Another selling point is the dough dried up immediately! It was so easy to seal up "FUN" for another fun bath:) If I did not sell you on the doughy concoction that is FUN the photos of my boys will:)

I adore my readers and I am a long time LUSHIE! My adventures in the world of innovative new Lush products have just begun and I intend to bring you with me. I am using my own monies to buy Lush products for you and me! Watch for a FUN Lush giveaway really really tomorrow:)

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*Lush is not sponsoring this review or giveaway in any way, shape, or bubbly-form.

Hennaing your hair can be mighty intimidating. You are given a giant earthy smelling what to do with it? I have been using LUSH Caca Rouge and Caca Marron for a few years now. I am going to pass on the first hand knowledge on how to henna your hair and also some precious tips that are mighty helpful. First off, if you are a brunette or a red head with no highlights I would skip the test strip. That said, if you have fair locks or highlights be careful. The highlights will get far more saturated and you might end up looking funny. So I advise a test strip. That little beware being said let's get started!

What you will NEED:
Gloves {If you do not wish to use them lotion your hands and wash frequently to prevent staining}
Helper {Advised and not necessary}
Metal Bowl {Medium}
Sauce pan {Large}
Liquid Measuring Cup
Old Towels
Old Clothes
Saran Wrap or Shower Cap

Once you have gathered everything start grating your henna bar into your Metal Bowl. At the same time, fill your large saucepan with water and place on the stove top to start heating the water. The grating takes awhile, but the henna cooks down much faster if you do it this way. You grate the bar according to the length of your hair {1 to 2 bars for short hair, 2 to 3 for medium, and 4 to 6 for long}. I used four bars even though my hair is medium length, because I also have thick hair. Once the grating is complete place the metal bowl with the DRY grated henna inside the large saucepan filled with your now HOT water. Start adding 2 to 4 tablespoons of water and stir while the henna is cooking down.

*You want a YOGURT-like consistency. If the henna gets too watery it will be a complete mess and go everywhere but your hair. If the henna is too thick you will probably have uneven colored locks. Keep adding water a little at a time until you get the yogurt-like consistency. Okay, got the consistency....what's next?:)

Pour the henna in a manageable container for application. Some use empty squirt bottles, but I use a large liquid measuring cup. The reason I use an open cup is to #1. Feel the temperature as to not burn my scalp and #2. The henna is gritty so it will clog most squirt bottles.  

Grab Gloves, Saran Wrap, and Lotion. Protect your skin at the hairline and your ears by covering with a heavy duty lotion. The lotion will help prevent staining, especially if you miss a spot of henna lingering on your skin{for hours}. Get into the bathtub or shower for application. As you can see, I chose a bath!;-)
Start applying at the roots. My husband has this down to a science, because he is the one who actually applies the henna. I have a helper because I cannot see the back of my head. Slap it on and make sure you have covered every inch of your hair as evenly as possible. There is no pretty process in applying the henna. Remember to wipe any excess from around your hairline and ears when you are through.  

The henna will stain everything so make sure you clean up everything you do not want hennaed. Wrap with saran wrap or use a shower cap to keep the mess at bay. Now relax and wait. Be patient. The longer the henna is in your hair the deeper and richer the colors will be! 4 to 6 hours is more than adequate. Note:You will need lots of conditioner to rinse all the henna from your locks. The cheap conditioner will work just fine:) Rinse until the water is clear.

*To my knowledge, Lush does not approve or disapprove this fine henna DIY message:)
North Coast Organics is back{naturally} and this time bringing you some power packed organically-vegan lip balms. I feel you should know that North Coast does not use processed Shea or Cocoa butters in their products. This may occasionally result in a "gritty" texture to their lip balms.  North Coast has two very distinct lip balm offerings: W.M.D is the "warhead" cinnamon and ginger number and LSQ has the mint lovers taken care of with its embracing notes of spearmint and peppermint. 

"Balms Away"
W.M.D is the "warhead" with a bold cinnamon and ginger combination. The ginger really comes through and has a slight gritty consistently, which I personally liked because it acted as an exfoliant for my pucker. What I really love about both the North Coast balms is the absorption. You can feel them sinking into your lips and doing the job!

Did you know?
 LSQ is named after Logan Square, Chicago the birthplace of North Coast Organics! 

LSQ was a pure pleasure to use! Smooth application and just like the "warhead" it sinks into your lips quickly leaving behind smooth, supple lips. The camera did not capture this very well, but it has a lovely green color with an intense spearmint profile. A cool and refreshing organic trip for those dry and tired lips!

Get ready for an amazing SECRET surprise filled North Coast Organics Giveaway!! 
a Rafflecopter giveaway has maxi skirts for adult ladies and little princesses too! Tres affordable pricing around $30 a skirt means you have leftover monies for shoes and accessorizing! Eeek...sooo excited!:) I was sent a floor length maxi skirt from with a tribal design that boasts bright green with a stunning contrast of black! This maxi skirt was intended for the beach, but alas it is winter. Can you rock a skirt in the snow flakes? YES! You can. A lularoe maxi skirt is just the cure for your wintry blues.

Boots, a cozy sweater, a stylish hat, and if you are really cold tights:) The skirt is cozy and makes me feel tremendously stylish in the bitter air of February! The skirt folds over and acts as a tummy slimmer, which my tummy likes after birthing two children. Also, the maxi skirt has nice stretch and bounce! Lularoe maxi skirts make you feel like you are floating along. The only possible downside is you need to hand wash this skirt. It is really so easy to clean and the jersey stretch cotton material dries very quickly! Lularoe maxi skirts are skirts that conform to all seasons.

A Crafter's Dream Group Giveaway #ACraftersDream has been struck with Cupid's arrow! Get set for a Valentine's Day edition with the craft lover in mind. Speaking of love, let's show some love to our gracious hosts Sara at My Merry Messy Life, Earning my Cape, and Tutus and Tea Parties. Sara is showing some elephant-sized love offering her readers a GRAND Giveaway, so be like an elephant and do not forget to enter! Now to MY passionate main event:)  Pop open some bubbly, light those candles, turn the lights down low, and put on something special. We are about to get crafty-romantic with ChatterBlossom: Accessories with a story to tell.

ChatterBlossom was certainly telling me a story from the moment its package arrived. The immense love and handcrafted care was not only in the creation itself, but also in the loving way the items were packaged. Look! She stitched a adorable triangular container for the handcrafted accessories to ride in! Jamie{the artist} at ChatterBlossom takes immense pride in her creations and it lovingly shows. 
Jamie sent me an adorable pair of white button earrings and a romantic flower hair adornment to review. The white button earrings are dressy, feminine, and exude romanticism. These "cute as a button" {Do I hear boos and hisses in the background?} earrings are nickel free and a great choice for those with sensitive lobes! The flower clip is sturdy and can easily be removed from the flower if deemed necessary. I HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE with will you!

READY TO WIN........???!!!
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Looking to fall in love with even more giveaways?

What do Ed Reed and Wellness Point Acupuncture have in common? Absolutely nothing. I did get your attention though....didn't I? The only thing they do have in common is Baltimore, but no false advertising here. I do have a teeny Ed Reed Story for you. Here she goes:

Brit Serio {now a certified acupuncturist working at Wellness Point in B-more*wink wink*} overheard some fellow employees asking about the grizzled gentlemen walking into their golf course establishment. Unbeknownst to them it was the Ravens #20 free safety Ed Reed! Brit whom is a huge Ravens fan knew exactly who he was of course and happily served him at his request a 7 and 7. Which he later stated was bomb-licious baby!  *Note that I did ad lib this story most parts are true and some are figments of my imagination.
Wellness Point Acupuncture is having another Girl's Day Out as well as introducting a Men's Night Out! Among the nights affairs there will be beer tasting, acupuncture, massage, yoga, and reiki! The Girl's Day Out is March 30th and the Men's Night Out is April 12th. For just $10 you can experience many different services to see what you like/love and then come back to do it again!

Wellness Point Acupuncture, LLC is located at 2000 Girard Avenue, Baltimore, MD, 21211. They are offering a 10% discount to firefighters, police officers, and military members as a small thank you for all they do:~)

*The Ed Reed photo was sample from

Yin has Yang and the orange has You Organic! You Organic pairs this citrus wonder with their entire product line in some shape or form. Now THAT is standing by your orange:) One look and you can see tremendous packaging, but one use and you will be packing your bags for Ireland! *Gasp* I know international shipping prices right!?! You will be happy to pay them. Ursula Elmes developed this formulation after having problems with skincare products containing artificial ingredients and set out to create something "pure". Purely speaking, I proudly got to try her Orange & Mandarin Lip Balm.

One word and three syllables: Perfection. You Organic! has created a heavenly lip balm that is present, but restrained. I am fascinated at the firmness of this lip balm. You cannot even feel it on your finger tips prior to application, but you certainly feel this lip balm's presence. Citrusy, soothing, and a light sheen. Naked lip perfection.WELL....what are you waiting for? Go get one of the citrusy wonders of the world for your very own!

Who is ready for divine-citrus intervention for those puckers? a Rafflecopter giveaway

Umbrellas are one of those items you hardly think about until the raindrops start drip dropping from the sky. just got your hair done, or you are out walking with the children, or juggling children with groceries while it is pouring buckets of rain down on your head{I certainly do not know a thing about that}. AH-HAh! Now it dawns on you. I could really use an umbrella in this moment. I got an umbrella for you, actually a BlossomBrella for you:)

The fine company Panacea Particulars makes an adorable BlossomBrella that is a solid color while dry, but when wet beautiful blossoms emerge. The BlossomBrella is sturdy, easy to use, compact, and aesthetically pleasing. All the things you want in a good quality umbrella. The most interesting feature, however, is the way the BlossomBrella folds! Check this out:

The BlossomBrella folds up much like an accordion would. The "aha moment" of that piece of engineering came when I went to close the BlossomBrella. When people go to close their umbrellas they naturally shake them to rid them of excess water. The accordion-like construction actually helps it close easier and faster when you are running into a dry location {me likey}. The world will be wet now and again. You might as well have the cutest and most practical umbrella on the block: The BlossomBrella.

Any Animal Lovers present? Try the Panacea Particulars Dog Breed Umbrellas:

a Rafflecopter giveaway  *Panacea Particulars sent me an BlossomBrella for purposes of this review. All opinions are mine.
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