Caked Designs {Graphic Designer with Blue Locks}

Do you frequently loiter around Spunky Real Deals? Well my little vagabonds you probably noticed the recent change in graphic designs scenery! Who is the person responsible for this NEW delightful ambiance you may ask? This Whos Who among the blogger community is known for more than her successful blog Caked Vintage. I am certain {unless you are color blind} that you have noticed her blue hair! Jessa is her name and she is the graphic designer behind Caked Designs and creator of my new beautiful bloggy space here at Spunky Real Deals.

Jessa's designs are clean, but very distinct. Distinct is good when you are trying to brand yourself in a sea of fellow bloggers:) Jessa also works extraordinarily hard to include you{the customer}in every aspect of the creative process. She even sends you a LIVE link so you can watch her work! It is like dropping your virtual child off at daycare. You can reassuringly check in to make sure your blog baby is doing just fine:) I am fond of asking graphic designers to describe their particular style. Jessa responded: 

I would say my design style is playful and simplistic. I love color and kitschy clip art but also feel a space should be warm and inviting. My goal is for the focus to be on the author and the material they share while accented by the cheery presence of my designs!  I enjoy building the perfect frame to showcase one's creativity!  
 Jessa did a bang up job! The amount of pink in my previous design was making me feel nauseous. Jessa simplified, but enhanced my design in subtle ways. Did you notice in my header that the stache has a fuzzy-felted appearance... I love this! One more thing to mention. You will not find better service matched with quality and a cushy price anywhere else in Blog-O World. I know I sound like a damn car salesman, but it is truth! Put your time and energies into writing a good post and let Caked Designs take care of the atmospheric energies!


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