FUN {Innovative Lush for Kids} GIVEAWAY

FUN. This word really says it all when it come to this new LUSH product for the kiddos. It is play-dough for the bath that can be used for bubbles, bathing, drawing, squishing, or just turning the water a fun new color! A born skeptic, naturally I thought the thing would disintegrate upon water impact. Not so. One FUN dough lasted nearly a week between both of my boys....granted I broke off little pieces, but it did last. Another selling point is the dough dried up immediately! It was so easy to seal up "FUN" for another fun bath:) If I did not sell you on the doughy concoction that is FUN the photos of my boys will:)

I adore my readers and I am a long time LUSHIE! My adventures in the world of innovative new Lush products have just begun and I intend to bring you with me. I am using my own monies to buy Lush products for you and me! Watch for a FUN Lush giveaway really really tomorrow:)

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*Lush is not sponsoring this review or giveaway in any way, shape, or bubbly-form.


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