#Lush Hair Henna {DIY}

Hennaing your hair can be mighty intimidating. You are given a giant earthy smelling bar...now what to do with it? I have been using LUSH Caca Rouge and Caca Marron for a few years now. I am going to pass on the first hand knowledge on how to henna your hair and also some precious tips that are mighty helpful. First off, if you are a brunette or a red head with no highlights I would skip the test strip. That said, if you have fair locks or highlights be careful. The highlights will get far more saturated and you might end up looking funny. So I advise a test strip. That little beware being said let's get started!

What you will NEED:
Gloves {If you do not wish to use them lotion your hands and wash frequently to prevent staining}
Helper {Advised and not necessary}
Metal Bowl {Medium}
Sauce pan {Large}
Liquid Measuring Cup
Old Towels
Old Clothes
Saran Wrap or Shower Cap

Once you have gathered everything start grating your henna bar into your Metal Bowl. At the same time, fill your large saucepan with water and place on the stove top to start heating the water. The grating takes awhile, but the henna cooks down much faster if you do it this way. You grate the bar according to the length of your hair {1 to 2 bars for short hair, 2 to 3 for medium, and 4 to 6 for long}. I used four bars even though my hair is medium length, because I also have thick hair. Once the grating is complete place the metal bowl with the DRY grated henna inside the large saucepan filled with your now HOT water. Start adding 2 to 4 tablespoons of water and stir while the henna is cooking down.

*You want a YOGURT-like consistency. If the henna gets too watery it will be a complete mess and go everywhere but your hair. If the henna is too thick you will probably have uneven colored locks. Keep adding water a little at a time until you get the yogurt-like consistency. Okay, got the consistency....what's next?:)

Pour the henna in a manageable container for application. Some use empty squirt bottles, but I use a large liquid measuring cup. The reason I use an open cup is to #1. Feel the temperature as to not burn my scalp and #2. The henna is gritty so it will clog most squirt bottles.  

Grab Gloves, Saran Wrap, and Lotion. Protect your skin at the hairline and your ears by covering with a heavy duty lotion. The lotion will help prevent staining, especially if you miss a spot of henna lingering on your skin{for hours}. Get into the bathtub or shower for application. As you can see, I chose a bath!;-)
Start applying at the roots. My husband has this down to a science, because he is the one who actually applies the henna. I have a helper because I cannot see the back of my head. Slap it on and make sure you have covered every inch of your hair as evenly as possible. There is no pretty process in applying the henna. Remember to wipe any excess from around your hairline and ears when you are through.  

The henna will stain everything so make sure you clean up everything you do not want hennaed. Wrap with saran wrap or use a shower cap to keep the mess at bay. Now relax and wait. Be patient. The longer the henna is in your hair the deeper and richer the colors will be! 4 to 6 hours is more than adequate. Note:You will need lots of conditioner to rinse all the henna from your locks. The cheap conditioner will work just fine:) Rinse until the water is clear.

*To my knowledge, Lush does not approve or disapprove this fine henna DIY message:)


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