North Coast Organics {getting balmy: review & giveaway}

North Coast Organics is back{naturally} and this time bringing you some power packed organically-vegan lip balms. I feel you should know that North Coast does not use processed Shea or Cocoa butters in their products. This may occasionally result in a "gritty" texture to their lip balms.  North Coast has two very distinct lip balm offerings: W.M.D is the "warhead" cinnamon and ginger number and LSQ has the mint lovers taken care of with its embracing notes of spearmint and peppermint. 

"Balms Away"
W.M.D is the "warhead" with a bold cinnamon and ginger combination. The ginger really comes through and has a slight gritty consistently, which I personally liked because it acted as an exfoliant for my pucker. What I really love about both the North Coast balms is the absorption. You can feel them sinking into your lips and doing the job!

Did you know?
 LSQ is named after Logan Square, Chicago the birthplace of North Coast Organics! 

LSQ was a pure pleasure to use! Smooth application and just like the "warhead" it sinks into your lips quickly leaving behind smooth, supple lips. The camera did not capture this very well, but it has a lovely green color with an intense spearmint profile. A cool and refreshing organic trip for those dry and tired lips!

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