Rustic with Nature Baby Shower {DIY}

The daunting task that I took on a few weeks ago was throwing a baby shower for TWO of my pregnant girlfriends. The twist is I only had a WEEK to plan the whole shi-bang: food, decor, gifts, and general ambiance {so fancy}. All on a strict budget to boot! Who do I look like Donetalla Versace{please do not answer that}?  Most would probably have gone stark-raving mad, but not me.....because I am already mad:) Oh and I only spent $12 on Ribbon for the decorations, $50 on Food {I like good cheese so cut me some slack}, and $20 per preggo for their nontraditional LUSH baby shower gifts! Let me show you how it is done my little dovelets!

Food is the most important part of any party or get together. When you are on a time constraint simplicity is the key to survival. I made sure to go with the rustic vibe of my house by embracing food pairings to match. Fresh Honey crisp apples, olives, carrots, hummus, crackers, and fresh bread for appetizers. Refreshments included two types of teas: Earl Grey & Mint. Water: sparkling & flat was also made available. Of course, plenty of booze was also available. Sadly {as you may have guessed} some ladies were unavailable to drink it up with me:) The main course was a simple roast chicken. The best part was homemade CUPCAKES for dessert:

DECOR & General Ambiance 
My friend Blaire is having a girl and my friend Julie is having a boy. I wanted to work in a pink & blue color scheme. The overall theme was NATURE. Again, my house is very rustic and I was able to make gorgeous centerpieces using pieces of my neighbor's tree{the branches were over my property line...thanks craig!}. I also utilized other natural elements from my own backyard including: twigs, sticks, rocks and ivy for my adorable bird's nests! Here is another shot of the decor & centerpieces:

It was so satisfying to throw this party for my girlfriends! My favorite part was putting together a nontraditional baby shower gift for each of them from LUSH! Lush sells robot shaped bath bombs for the babes! I made a gift basket of Ickle Baby Bot bath bombs from Lush and included a bath bomb for the mamas too! The moms are often forgotten and they will be pushing the little buggers out!:)  

Happy Pregnancy & THE END!


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