You Organic! Orange Mandarin Lip Balm {R&G}

Yin has Yang and the orange has You Organic! You Organic pairs this citrus wonder with their entire product line in some shape or form. Now THAT is standing by your orange:) One look and you can see tremendous packaging, but one use and you will be packing your bags for Ireland! *Gasp* I know international shipping prices right!?! You will be happy to pay them. Ursula Elmes developed this formulation after having problems with skincare products containing artificial ingredients and set out to create something "pure". Purely speaking, I proudly got to try her Orange & Mandarin Lip Balm.

One word and three syllables: Perfection. You Organic! has created a heavenly lip balm that is present, but restrained. I am fascinated at the firmness of this lip balm. You cannot even feel it on your finger tips prior to application, but you certainly feel this lip balm's presence. Citrusy, soothing, and a light sheen. Naked lip perfection.WELL....what are you waiting for? Go get one of the citrusy wonders of the world for your very own!

Who is ready for divine-citrus intervention for those puckers? a Rafflecopter giveaway


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