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Hello my foodie lovas! I have a vlog series for you. Let's get to the hear of the matter: butter & sugar. They do not call it a pound cake for nothing. For sake of simplicity I do not wish to go through a step by step instructional. My recipe comes straight from the Joy of Cooking Book and it is my cooking Bible. If you do not have a copy please invest;-) I will simply tell you this: make love to this pound cake nice and slow. Rush through making a pound cake and not only will you be frustrated, but the results will be less than stellar! TIPS: Zest! One lemon & one orange. Be liberal with your addition of  sweet almond & vanilla extracts.

Enjoy the pound cake vlog and Happy Easter lovas!

Statement Jewelry is the fashion statement of the 2013 season and what better way to skip through the daisies than with this BAD boy! I picked it up at the resourceful woman thrift store in Leesburg, VA. This thrift store is known for carrying only the most fashionable second hand items! I happen to score there regularly finding gorgeous Calvin Klein dresses. This is my way of staying fashionable without breaking the piggy bank. The really awesome thing about this ring is the shimmery-shine! The sun catches every little gemstone;-) No need to worry about ring size either, because it has an elastic stretch to fit everyone's fingers!

Bling bling Easter weekend giveaway begin...SHizam! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Summer is only a hop, skip, and jump away. Pretty soon our stuffy jeans will be closet bound being replaced by flowing skirts and dresses! That is why I want to talk about Shabby Apple vintage style skirts and dresses!!! They have so many gorgeous vintage-esque pieces to covet! I cannot possibly show them all, but let's grab our kaleidoscope and see what beautiful Shabby Apple form appears to us!*tee hee*

Shabby Apple is no longer a secret and the word is out about their modern take on vintage fashion! I have been adoring Shabby Apple from afar for way too long. So today we are going to adore Shabby Apple up close with a $15 gift certificate awarded to one lucky dame.  

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essential8 has your Spring cleaning needs on lock with their fabulous natural cleaning supplies, but to my delight you will also find some natural bath & body goodies too! Luscious lip balms{LOVE the rosemary mint}, lotion bars, and even natural doggy shampoos are among essential8's star line up. I could show you a zillion photos, but I think a brief description can capture it best. Hardened flour and sugar on your counter tops{get that mental image}.  A few squirts of essential8's all purpose cleaner and the crud literally wipes right off! I am sold, sold, SOLD! I am truly impressed by the quality, power, and yet gentle enough for my delicate painted furniture. The proof is in the pudding. I bought some more already.

Impressed yet{you should be}? essential8's Organic citrus all-purpose cleaner is effective and easy to use. You squirt and take a clean rag to wipe. Boom. The scent smells like CLEAN with a light citrus scent. Dirt and grime seem to just float right off the floor. No greasiness or residue left behind either, which I love! Do you know what you will love? The price. $10 will get you a squirt bottle and two bottle's full of Organic all-purpose cleaning concentrate. Now that is what I am talking about:)

All clean? Now let's get down and dirty with an essential8 giveaway!
*I was sent this cleaner for the sole purpose of writing this review. All thoughts are my own. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hello Luvas!!! In celebration of Easter and just because I plain love you we are having a Flash Giveaway! The Prize? Lush Egg Hunt soap! This is a limited edition Lush soap folks;-) Egg Hunt is not only adorable with colorful eggs hiding is green soap grass, but the fruity scent is intoxicating! Raspberry, Orange, Lemon, and Violet Leaf {a sumptuous combo}.

It goes down like this: SHARE the giveaway via Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter {Leave the URL to your share and contact e-mail if you are the winner}. That is that! It is also polite if you follow me, but not mandatory. CLOSES April 6th at midnight eastern time. *This giveaway is not sponsored by Lush, Facebook, or any other social media outlets. I purchased this soap with my own monies. US ONLY & 18+years of age or older. By entering you agree to comply to Spunky Real Deals official giveaway rules. Good Luck!

"My hair is as thick as molasses. Northernly headwraps tame my locks effortlessly"{me}

Northernly is home to handcrafted headwraps and scarves that make accessorizing easy breezy! Accessorizing has never been my forte, but Northernly makes me believe that I CAN do this accessorizing thing! The headwraps are a true cinch to use. A wire frame makes styling these headwraps as easy as twist, 2, 3! Janine & Kyle{the fine owners of Northernly} sent me two headwraps to flaunt just for you!

The "MOD" Chevron Print
The blue chevron printed headwrap was my favorite! Very modern and bright. I can just see the beach line and feel the saltwater breeze on my face. The Northernly chevron headwrap is a must have for your beach tote this summer! Fashion Tip: Try wearing the Northernly headwrap LA style around your head. This is the hot summer look for 2013!

The Classic Paisley
Get the paisley look here!

Paisley is a classic print that never goes out of style. Love the Northernly headwrap in paisley! It really brings out the red in my hair. Northernly headwraps are comfortable, light as a feather, and adds the perfect POP of color to your ensemble! What are you waiting for?! Go get at least three to jettison your Spring and Summer wardrobes!:)

Need a change up? Wrap the Northernly headwrap around your wrist! 

Do not worry your pretty little headwrap...a Northernly GIVEAWAY is coming your way!;-)
*Please note that I was sent these headwraps for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are as always my own.

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We human beings crave our freedom of expression! I Heather Paulding believe myself to have found the mecca of expression at Cafe Press. Cafe Press has customizable anything your heart could possibly dream, but for the sake of someone with a lifeless imagination here are a few primal examples: clothing, mugs, jewelry, totes, and stationary are typical products you will find at Cafe Press. However, you really need to explore Cafe Press with your own eyes to experience the immense variety of products they carry. If you are unable to make a visit to Cafe Press today do not despair. We are taking a brief journey of Cafe Press right now!

Fun Easter Egg Pregnancy T-shirt {hilariously adorable}
LAST Stop{using a train conductors voice...use your imaginations here;-)} adorable totes! Now THAT my friends is your sneak peek, because in the undetermined future we are going to have a Cafe Press tote bag giveaway!! The anticipation is going to be tough, but we will be back in two shakes of a lamb's tail{scouts honor}:)

Weird Little World should be called Wonderfully-Textured Modern Decor Wreaths World{too long?}, because that is what this beautiful shop boasts. Each wreath is hand crafted, hand painted, and absolutely a stunning addition to any interior wall or door in your home! Constructed using newspaper, which simply amazes me. Cathy Ross the owner of Weird Little World generously sent me a stunning Springtime wreath in the Martha Stewart "Mimosa" color. It looks jaw dropingly gorgeous against my "Coco" Annie Sloan chalk painted door!

I also moved the wreath to our bedroom against a stark white wall and the wreath pops even more! Weird Little World Wreaths are modern, but somehow fit perfectly well in our shabby chic rustic home!The texture is stunning! What I love the most about the wreaths is the paint streaks on the individual leaflets that let the newspaper print come through ever so slightly. The streaks give the wreath amazing dimension.




Weird Little World Wreaths are the perfect pop of color & texture for your home, especially NOW to celebrate the finality of winter and the resurrection of Spring!

Who is ready for a Weird Little World Textural Wreath Wonder Giveaway?
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The Cover: My husband and I were to meet my brother's lovely lady's family for the first time.

Location: Cafe Gia's in downtown Baltimore in their quaint little Italy! The food there is amazing. I went with a straight up classic "The Manicotti". It was better than dessert for me and that is saying something!

The Reveal: My brother proposed at dinner in front of the whole family! He actually waited until dessert. He snagged some of Brit's{his fiance's} favorite cupcakes from Midnight Confections, also conveniently located in good Ol' Bmore! My brother in-scripted a sweet "Will you marry me?" message inside.
Love is a beautiful thing and I am so pleased to share this with all of you! Can you believe I was witness to such a beautiful moment? My brother is lucky to have Brit and Brit is lucky to have my brother. That is when you know that it is literally a perfect marriage between two people. Have a lovely Sunday my dears. Please enjoy these mildly intoxicated photos that follow;-)

 Taylor's Boyfriend! Good choice love;-)

Wade also found someone to cozy up to!

 "I once had a rose named after me and I was very flattered. But I was not pleased to read the description in the catalogue: no good in a bed, but fine up against a wall." -Eleanor Roosevelt

Roses are a thing of beauty! Some have therapists and I have my rose garden. When meeting new groups of people, attending a family gathering, or even an evening dinner with friends roses are in the mix. I wanted to share with you an easy way to WOW family and friends with beautiful wrapped roses{or any flowers really}! Enjoy and see you Monday for a new giveaway:)

Spring is a time of rejuvenation, cleaning, and a good time for NEW renovation projects {or that is what I tell myself}:) I have a real bathroom challenge in our home. It is very very....very small. Conserving space, staying organized, and maintaining a spa-like atmosphere has been exhausting! Did I mention that I also have two toddlers potty training? Let me take you through some of the tiny bathroom upgrades and space enhancers.

Did I mention I am in love with Old Violet Annie Sloan Chalk Paint? Our whole bathroom is based on this grayish-violet hue. I even painted the bathroom door this color, mostly because it has a glass pane in the middle. Yes, you heard me right. Before I painted the door the whole world could see you pee! Delightful, no? I also painted the trim around the medicine cabinet mirror in Old Violet. Check out the elegant tiered table{curtesy of my wonderful mother-in-law}.

I have a super secretive LUSH giveaway for you all today! You get two hints. 1.) It is a Bubble Bar & 2.) It reminds you of the Wizard of OZ.  

To Enter you need to Be a Follower of my blog(via GFC, Bloglovin', or e-mail) & do TWO things, but Leaving ONE comment. 

1.) Comment with your LUSH bubble bar guess & 2.) Share this giveaway any way you like(please leave the URL)!! 

 Do not forget to leave your e-mail address so I can contact you if you are the lucky winner! Open to US only residents and +18 years of age or older. picks the winner. Giveaway Closes 4/21/2013 at midnight. I bought the bubble bar with my own monies. LUSH is NOT involved in any way shape or form.

My day was feeling horribly monotonous. Do they have a smiley-con for despondent? could be just "Aunt Flow" talking but today I felt like I was on an endless loop. Kids, groceries, feed kids, clean kids, clean house, and repeat. Some days I just love being at home all day. Some days I wish I could look at the hubby and say, "See you after work darling!". I had the latter of the sentiments today.

My eldest has days where I believe someone has slipped him a manic pill. Today he was on a pure mania high{my genes no doubt}. He literally bounced from place to place as if he was locked in a padded room. The goal for most days to keep the boys outside running rampant, but it was a bit nippy so we were not basking in the wilderness as much as the norm.  Ah YES...the flowers:)
My dear husband brought me home some flowers today and saved my emotional roller coaster from derailment. Anyway, I thought the red roses would look just stunning against one of my blue & white of my Scandinavian teapots! Just wait until the roses start to open just slightly more! They will be breathtaking!
Spring fever hit me like a dandelion to the face today! The sun was beaming and what felt like a balmy 55 degrees today spawned some cleaning, painting, and spring decorating! A nasty garish gold Easter basket made its way out of the basement with the Easter decorations and my initial thoughts were...THRIFT IT! Then after a brief pause I had a change of heart. Paint it {with Annie Sloan, of course}. So paint it I did. The results are supremely pleasing!

I wanted you to see the contrast between the garish gold and the Old Violet Annie Sloan Chalk Paint! What a difference, huh?:) I love crafty posts, but I thought I would include a hippity hoppity Easter "Annie Sloan chalk painted" basket GIVEAWAY too! I am going to include one large rustic egg with your chalk painted basket (check it out in the photo below).

I myself am still sorting out the goodies you will receive! will just have to enter and see what other Easter goodies you may win! I will also try my hardest to get this out to you by EASTER so you have time to enjoy it! To enter leave a comment with your favorite Easter Family Tradition, candy, & what color Annie Sloan Chalk Paint you prefer for your Easter basket(lighthouse blue, old violet, or old white). Please be thoughtful or I will delete your comment. Do not forget a valid e-mail address. Winner will be chosen by Giveaway Ends Sunday @ NOON on March 24th! *US residents of 18+ years of age only*

My Babes Preparing for the Easter Bunny:
 The boys in their own personal egg-washing sweat shop! Look at those adorable workers go:)

My two sweet little creatures have been quite restless during the winter "lock down" months. Sometimes I feel like the only parent dragging my babes down the street into the blistering cold for some much needed outdoor playtime, which is necessary for my sanity:) My boys and I love to color & create! The inspiration for the Create-Your-Own-Easter Egg activity came from extra cardboard lying on the floor. Oh and glitter! You never need an excuse to pour on the glitter!

The boys and I took cardboard that I cut into a very prehistoric egg shapes:) Then they colored the cardboard with pastel chalks. It is very rustic looking! Surprisingly chic for cardboard. After the boys finished coloring their eggs I put a few dots or stripes of glue to add the glitter. As you can see the boys took care of the glittering!:) The funny thing is....the boys always help me with my seasonal decorations around the house. They are having fun crafting(as am I) and the end result is adorable decorations that I did not even have to make! Check out the final results on my mantel below:

Hello Luvas! Hump Day can be rough, but no worries I have something that might cheer you up! Cold Hard CASH! Tell them all about it Tip Hero baby!

Welcome to the "Your Lucky Day Giveaway Event" sponsored by Tip Hero, featuring some truly fabulous blogs and a wonderful opportunity to be the lucky winner of a great prize! At Tip Hero, we've got a whole bunch of treats and tips to help you be festive this St. Patrick's Day, but in order to celebrate the holiday right, we're hosting a great big giveaway event to give one very lucky reader the chance to win a $150 Visa gift card to spend as they please!

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I cannot think of a better way to start off a dreadful work week than a sweet S-W-E-E-T group giveaway! My girl Des from Going with the flow is your blessed host:) Take it away Des baby..
Hello ladies and gents. The time has arrived! I am so grateful for these wonderful ladies and their participation in the giveaway. 
I decided in February that since I was a little behind on things and MIA in the blogging world, that I wanted to do something big for March! And here we are. I can't believe this is the first day of March. I feel like this year just started! 

But anyways,

We all came together and are giving away several prizes!
First of which is... drum roll...
You read that right, $200 Target gift card!
 I can't believe it! 
Also, up for grabs,
A gorgeous silver double heart bracelet from 5th Ave boutique, from Kelly @ Sparkles and Shoes ($25 value)
Advocare Herbal Cleanse from Amy @ Living in Fast Forward ($30 value)
I've heard GREAT things about this cleanse. One of my FAVE bloggers, Mama Laughlin, has done one recently! 
$5.00 Starbucks gift card from Fotini @ Glamorous Bride
Set of Luxe Knotted Hair Ties from Leah @ Lovely Life of Leah
Kelsey @ Keeping up with Kelsey is giving away a Scentsy bar from her stash!
 Heather @ Spunky Real Deals is giving the winner a $10 Lush gift card. 
There is also some ad space up for grabs!
>Large Ad Space (220x220) for 60 days on Beauty Flawed
>30 day (200x200) ad space from Glamorous Affordable Life
>6 months of "Flippin' Fabulous" Ad Space (value: $60) on Danielle Marie and Katrina on Provocative Manners
>Small Ad Space ($12) on Wifessionals
>Emily @ My Uncharted Territory  is also giving away a Sponsored Post
That is a crap load of stuff, you guys! Now meet these lovely ladies!
Make sure you check out these blogs, and enter the rafflecopter below for a chance to win ALL of these goodies! Winner will be varified.
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