Cafe Press {Tote Lovin' Sneak Peek}


We human beings crave our freedom of expression! I Heather Paulding believe myself to have found the mecca of expression at Cafe Press. Cafe Press has customizable anything your heart could possibly dream, but for the sake of someone with a lifeless imagination here are a few primal examples: clothing, mugs, jewelry, totes, and stationary are typical products you will find at Cafe Press. However, you really need to explore Cafe Press with your own eyes to experience the immense variety of products they carry. If you are unable to make a visit to Cafe Press today do not despair. We are taking a brief journey of Cafe Press right now!

Fun Easter Egg Pregnancy T-shirt {hilariously adorable}
LAST Stop{using a train conductors voice...use your imaginations here;-)} adorable totes! Now THAT my friends is your sneak peek, because in the undetermined future we are going to have a Cafe Press tote bag giveaway!! The anticipation is going to be tough, but we will be back in two shakes of a lamb's tail{scouts honor}:)


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