Sassy Pants Designs from Jess {CLOSED Giveaway}

Are you Sassy? How about Grumpy, Cranky, Fancy, or Bossy? We are all of those at times right? Well, lovely ladies I have some adorable fashioned sweat pants for you! Designs by Jess has assorted vinyl-printed sweatpants that let you express how you are feeling or humorously how others may feel about you!;-) Jessica Levine {the fine owner} sent me a pair of my choice to lounge about in and give my final verdict! Verdict: I am sitting in them right now....HA!

The most fascinating thing to note about these sweatpants is they only come in men's sizes. This threw me off a bit, but then I realized it was for "extra comfyness". Then it hit me. I steal my husband's sweatpants daily for bedtime. Jess must be genetically linked to Albert Einstein, because this is GENIUS!:) And it is. My Sassy pants have the right amount of slouch linked to amazing comfort. Double-napped fleece gives a light and fur lined feel to these fashionista sweats! The bright pops of color against the black are right in tempo with modern day styling. These are lounging sweats, gym sweats, cannot live without sweats, do I really have to change my pants sweats:) Yeah you will love'em that much!

What type of Designs by Jess fashion sweats are you...GIVEAWAY TIME?!{Giveaway starts 04/02 midnight tonight} *rafflecopter will be up soon! Sorry for any confusion my loves:) a Rafflecopter giveaway


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