Secret Engagment Party {LOVE}

The Cover: My husband and I were to meet my brother's lovely lady's family for the first time.

Location: Cafe Gia's in downtown Baltimore in their quaint little Italy! The food there is amazing. I went with a straight up classic "The Manicotti". It was better than dessert for me and that is saying something!

The Reveal: My brother proposed at dinner in front of the whole family! He actually waited until dessert. He snagged some of Brit's{his fiance's} favorite cupcakes from Midnight Confections, also conveniently located in good Ol' Bmore! My brother in-scripted a sweet "Will you marry me?" message inside.
Love is a beautiful thing and I am so pleased to share this with all of you! Can you believe I was witness to such a beautiful moment? My brother is lucky to have Brit and Brit is lucky to have my brother. That is when you know that it is literally a perfect marriage between two people. Have a lovely Sunday my dears. Please enjoy these mildly intoxicated photos that follow;-)

 Taylor's Boyfriend! Good choice love;-)

Wade also found someone to cozy up to!


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