The Teapot Rose arrangement {DIY & Rant}

My day was feeling horribly monotonous. Do they have a smiley-con for despondent? could be just "Aunt Flow" talking but today I felt like I was on an endless loop. Kids, groceries, feed kids, clean kids, clean house, and repeat. Some days I just love being at home all day. Some days I wish I could look at the hubby and say, "See you after work darling!". I had the latter of the sentiments today.

My eldest has days where I believe someone has slipped him a manic pill. Today he was on a pure mania high{my genes no doubt}. He literally bounced from place to place as if he was locked in a padded room. The goal for most days to keep the boys outside running rampant, but it was a bit nippy so we were not basking in the wilderness as much as the norm.  Ah YES...the flowers:)
My dear husband brought me home some flowers today and saved my emotional roller coaster from derailment. Anyway, I thought the red roses would look just stunning against one of my blue & white of my Scandinavian teapots! Just wait until the roses start to open just slightly more! They will be breathtaking!


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