Toddler Easter Egg Craft Project {DIY}

My two sweet little creatures have been quite restless during the winter "lock down" months. Sometimes I feel like the only parent dragging my babes down the street into the blistering cold for some much needed outdoor playtime, which is necessary for my sanity:) My boys and I love to color & create! The inspiration for the Create-Your-Own-Easter Egg activity came from extra cardboard lying on the floor. Oh and glitter! You never need an excuse to pour on the glitter!

The boys and I took cardboard that I cut into a very prehistoric egg shapes:) Then they colored the cardboard with pastel chalks. It is very rustic looking! Surprisingly chic for cardboard. After the boys finished coloring their eggs I put a few dots or stripes of glue to add the glitter. As you can see the boys took care of the glittering!:) The funny thing is....the boys always help me with my seasonal decorations around the house. They are having fun crafting(as am I) and the end result is adorable decorations that I did not even have to make! Check out the final results on my mantel below:


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