Date Night in Jacksonville Beach, FL


My dear husband and I got ONE night to spend all alone together!*happy dance* If you have small children you thoroughly understand how I feel. We had such a wonderful time together in Jacksonville Beach, FL last week and I wanted to share our coastal foodie adventures with you. There are so many beaches to visit on the east coast alone, but Jacksonville Beach remains our steady favorite. My husband and I had just one goal for the evening: to consume as much deliciousness as possible. Our dinner venue was scoped out far in advance back in Virginia. Ocean 60 was our dinner destination.
Ocean 60 boasts American Contemporary style cuisine with a menu that changes daily{always a good sign}. The romantic ambiance is complete with candles and fresh flowers. First thing need alcohol:) My mood that evening required a girly beverage.

I ordered a mojito spin off with blueberries and vodka. The drink was pretty, but a little hard to drink with all the blueberries floating about. I would order the classic rum mojito in the future. The food and service are the reason for a return visit to Ocean 60...simply outstanding! Feast your eyes and stomach on this gorgeous scallop appetizer;-)

The appetizers were an easy decision. Fried calamari and clams with a citrus chipotle aioli dipping sauce{YUM}. The seafood was well prepared and the dipping sauce was a balanced combination of spice and flavor. In addition, we also ordered scallops with a tomato-based sauce lying on a bed of risotto. This dish was over the moon amazing! We would have continued our feast at Ocean 60, but I needed to save some space for a true Florida classic: THE key lime pie.

You must eat key lime pie while in Florida. It is sacrilegious otherwise. We questioned a few local folk about where to quench our key lime craving when North Beach Fish Camp came on the radar. The place is busy and the key lime pie is GOOD! The key lime pie had a strawberry puree that balanced the tartness of the key lime. Oh foodie heaven take me away;-)

Thank you Jacksonville{Atlantic Beach}, FL for a divine time;-)


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