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"Art is the story of my eyes" {yours truly}

Does that face look familiar? It should, because that is me!;-) Melody Duval is the talented illustrator, sketch artist, and graphic designer whose work lay before you! Everybody Else Art is her shop and artistic home filled with hand sketched graphic designs that any girly-girl would adore. Melody's art is girly, playful, and gives off an air of magical beauty. Art gives birth to inspiration, but an artist has to get inspiration from somewhere so I inquired where Melody Duval got hers. Here is what she had to say:
Stories. I love a good story and I love drawing bits and pieces of stories. Even when I draw real people, I'm drawing part of their story and that makes me happy.
I also wondered who her favorite artists were. She had a lengthy list of artist crushes including: Katie Daisy for her great color pallet and sweet folk tale aura. Jo Klima from The Darling Tree. James White for  his very manly art with super vibrant colors. Lois van Baarle for her phenomenal drawings of people. And Kristen Kemper, because Melody believes she is as addicted to stories and story telling as she.

WIN a Melody Duval Original 8x10 Print! You can choose your winning print from the following pieces:
 In the Attic by Melody Duval

Concert Chic by Melody Duval

Summer Beauty by Melody Duval
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