Leesburg Garden Show 2013

Straight off the beach and into the garden I go:) Garden shows really inspire one to pull on the gardening gloves and yank out those dastardly weeds! Our little town of Leesburg, VA has a lovely flower and garden show each Spring with an excellent variety of flowers, demonstrations, herbs, vegetable plants, garden decor, live entertainment, and tasty eats. This year I have two favorite honorable mentions.

The first is Holly Heider Chapple Flowers. Holly has her roots set in Lucketts, VA with a specialty as a wedding florist. Texture, color, and pure beauty exude from her arrangements. I could not wait to get one for my very own. Holly is warm, inviting, and a pleasurable conversationalist. She graciously whipped up a lovely bouquet to suite my tastes. I wanted texture and she delivered. My only sadness is she does not sell bouquets to "the common Joe" {yet}.

Holly's future plans include floral workshops and possibly a night to sell her extra wedding florals to the public. Fingers crossed folks;-) After my flower powered perusing I am starving!

Fried emporiums as far as the eyes can see. They are poorly organized and a general cluster *ahem*. When what do my wandering eyes should appear, but The Randy Radish truck with veggie appeal. My foodie heart leapt with joy! The line was long, but moved quickly and efficiently.

I ordered the veggie frankfurter with all the fixings {chili, sauerkraut, onions, relish, mustard, and ketchup}. What a breath of fresh foodie air! This veggie inspired dog would trick even the most developed palates into thinking you are eating the meat version. Loudoun County carnivores and vegans alike should prepare to adore The Randy Radish food truck! The Leesburg Flower and Garden show with continue today Sunday April 21st, 2013! Come and enjoy the Springtime show:)


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