Natural Soap Scum Obliteration {DIY}

Tip Hero is my inspiration for this little natural cleaning number! They have so many fantastic ideas, but I loved this one so much that I just had to share;-) Everybody deals with the dreaded soap scum in their bathrooms. I have used every cleaner{natural & chemical alike} and nothing has done the job better than a lemon! Well actually half a lemon:) Here is how it works:

Cut a lemon in half and coat the juicy side with a natural abrasive{coarse sea salt or baking powder}. This is really all you need, but I took this natural cleaning recipe a step further. Grab your favorite essential oil {grapefruit, lavender, or sweet orange work best} and drip some drops right on top! Now scrub, scrub, scrub. Not only does this erase soap scum in an instant, but it leaves behind a natural scent-trail for your enjoyment:)


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